The last few months

Well I haven't really posted here in a while, so I'll give an update.. my panic attacks got worse and I was in the hospital pretty much every other day... I was. (Still kinda) convinced that some thing was/is wrong with my brain. I found it in myself that my fear of something being wrong with me was only feeding my anxiety. My last visit to the er my mom and aunt had to come talk me out of it" there is not they can do for me"they had to tell me quite a few times. A few days later I started therapy. I haven't had a full blown attack in weeks but some times like tonight I feel like I'm going to. I feel that fear like I'm going to forgot everything around me. Like I'm in a dream. I quit my job because the amount of anxiety was to much.. some days I feel like I can't pronounce words like I physically feel like I don't know how... I have to remind myself almost hourly that nothing is wrong with me I'm a healthy 25 yr old who has her whole life ahead of her... sometudes it works other times..not so much. I was dead set that I was getting Alzheimer' life has been a crazy roller coster and I just want to feel normal again.


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  • It's horrible but you will see among this board that it is very committed n for people to not believe the diagnosis of anxiety as how can it make you feel so physically horrible but the truth is that's what it does. It been over 2 years since it all started for me and I still go through times where I think it's more then an anxiety I have had many tests just like everyone else here.

    We all have similar symptoms and we have all been told it's anxiety if it's not anxiety we must all have the same mystery illness lol that just doesn't make sense.

    I highly recommend a book called Dare by Barry mcdonagh it helped me a lot I. Elieve hos technique works but you must be persistent and put it into practice every day.

    Feel better :)

  • Thank you for your advice and support! I will look in to the book I love to learn new things about having anxiety it helps me cope. It so strange when someone says I have anxiety in your head you don't picture the physical part of it. Like feeling like something is all waus wrong I have learned a great many things this last year..

  • Story of my life its like i wrote this i always have a unwell physical sensations like if somethings bad happening to me its awful i always feel like somethings wrong with me and like you said i feel like somethings wrong with my brain too ive aslo been to the er multiple time its really wierd because i dont get panic attack symptoms just a horrible sick feeling

  • The panic attack feeling is weird, it's super hard to explain. Iv been told a few time experiencing symptoms of having a panic attack but not actually having one is your body learning to control the panic attack itself if that makes any sense

  • Yea its wierd its hard to even explain the feeling but yea its like my body control it but i still feel awful sometimes its so bad its hard to think positive that when i worry something is wrong with me

  • @Jenkral16 My heart goes out to you. I've know idea how you cele🍍🍌🍲🍱brate The Holidays, but my stress, anxiety and CPTSD get out of control. I find comfort in knowing I'm not alone,!😍 Happy Holidays to you all!

  • depression and anxiety is the number one diagnosis for disability claim. . This so called mystery illness strikes Unexpectedly in most cases and affects all ages and gender. it is systemic possibly originating in the brain but affecting the entire body. Theraphy and anxiety medication are not enough we need to insist on research.

  • You are doing so well, well done! Now you have of have fear of the fear, but don't worry, that will reduce with time as long as you don't feed it.

  • Please take care of yourself. Rely on your therapist and be open sand honest and know you are not alone. Things will get better, of course it will not leave you completely it is a part of you. And me to be honest. You will a good days though.

    I understand though. I constantly feel dizzy. I feel like the world around me is fake and I'm always scared I'm going to snap and lose touch of reality.

    Deep down me and you both know it's anxiety playing tricks again.

    Keep your head up.

    - Chloe.

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