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Think I've Burt out all the symptoms have come back feel scared and awful not sure What to do ?

My wife thinks I should stay in bed I had a full blown anxioty attack last night around 1am but it did pass went to bed at 2 after it passed feel dizzy an anxious

I've over done it with work and now feel I'm going to let everyone down should I stay in bed today or get up and go to the gym I am not sure what to do lots of my symptoms have come back don't want to spoil the family Christmas I'm still very dizzy thus morning and would love some feed back feel desperate


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Hey there,

I'm sorry your struggling abit hunni, I would get up and shower, but take it easy today. Lying in bed is not a good idea as you just overthink and make things worse for yourself. Try and go for a walk or maybe read:) listen to your body... Take it easy though.

I'm reading a really good book at the moment, Mindfulness for dummies. It's been a great help to me I also listen to a couple of web sites and head space both very good:)

Worth a look Hun, might help.

Good luck Hun

Hugs xxx


Thanks so much x


Don't put so much pressure on yourself, that really doesn't help. I agree with yummimunmmy, don't stay in bed your mind will go haywire! Get up and potter round the house and take it easy. Maybe go for a small walk. That's if you can see where you are going! It's very foggy here

Take care x


Went for the walk feel a bit better


Hi Stu

I am sorry you are feeling so bad :-(

I no when we are feeling anxious it can be hard to concentrate but I would get up & do you think you could maybe look at that book & read a little bit as it seemed to help you so much & having a little read might help now :-)

Remember you are not letting anyone down but you have to learn how to rest & take time for you , I no its not easy but we have to try & get this balance in our life otherwise the only person we really cause suffering to is ourselves

Your family love you , they just want to see you happy I am sure of that so take that time you need , I bet that's what they would like to see for Christmas :-)

If you keep feeling so bad have you thought of seeing your GP or are you still seeing the nurse you were seeing ?

Hope you feel better later :-)





Yes I did get up feel a bit better for the walk and planning to read tv is off but I will have to run my wife to rehearsals but I don't think that will do me any harm taking it easy


I agree - distraction is the only way for me to combat anxiety. Read or do something you have to think about, not watch TV as, if you're like me, your mind will wander off back to the anxiety problems rather than concentrate on the programme.

The gym would be good for just a gentle jog or something to get your body moving.


Thanks and that's the plan


Ok I'm get time up now I've had a nice bath and now I will eat and go for a walk and then chill and I was thinking of reading the hobbit I've had no panic today just that feeling in my tummy but still very dizzy I think the walk today rather than the gym but if I feel better and sleep ok tonight I will get back on the tread mill and doing less work


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