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Feel like I'm going to die at any moment!

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This is my first time doing something like this. I would visit a doctor but I am back home for Christmas and don't want to burden my family or friends with anything so I am dealing with this alone. But I'm getting really scared and tired.

So I have had anxiety for a while. I manage it, I get by with it but at work a couple of weeks ago, I had a flutter feeling that ran up my chest. It lasted literally a couple of seconds but it was a new feeling. It wasn't my heart skipping or dropping like it normally does before a panic attack but it like shivered up the middle of my chest like between my breasts and it took my breath away. Then I started feeling like I was about to have a panic attack but I think that was the fear I had with this feeling I just had.

Anyways, since then, I can't get this idea that my heart is going to stop out of my head. My mother died from a cardiac arrest back in 1997 and it's all I fixate on. I'm not having feelings in my heart or palpitations or anything but like a dull pressure in the middle of my chest and the feeling I need to burp and a pressure in my throat. Is this all in my head or is there something wrong with me?

Thank you!

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Hi there, it's horrible isn't it. I've not been great the last couple of days with palpatations and stuff so trying to drink more today as I'm not drinking enough.

I hope you will start feeling better today x

It's all in your mind. I can't even start to describe how I feel and what I feel. I know exactly the feeling of thinking you are going to die but the truth is your mind is just playing games with you.

Get your anxiety under control before it gets you under control and if you understand this saying, you'll know exactly what I mean. Anxiety has the power to take over your life! That's what it's done to me and now I've learnt to control it.

This may sound a little silly, but imma tell you something you can try. Basically when you feel any sort of symptom try to fully ignore it and fight it. It's easier said than done but I know what I'm talking about. Have you heard the saying you can do anything you put your mind too? Put your mind to your anxiety and kill it. Anxiety is the devil don't let it take control of you, it will ruin you.

Have you been to the GP explained your symptoms and had checks? if not I would highly recommend it as it can make you feel better knowing nothing serious is wrong and reassure you :).

Thank you so much for your reassuring words. I stupidly googled heart attack symptoms and it seems I have the chest pressure in the centre of my chest and the anxiety leading up to having a heart attack so I've got myself in that mind frame. I am sure it's all in my head but I'm going to the doctors as soon as I am back home after Christmas.

Remember anxiety and heart attack symptoms are extremely similar.

If you are worried you need to be making an appointment with your GP.

All I can say it sounds like you are suffering anxiety, although your GP is the one to talk to.

When I was stressed at College I would suffer the same when I was worried o fightened


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