Can't sleep for Mind working over time,

Hi guys I've been up since 3 and it's now 6:30 I'm so tired and fed up of this now, I can't sleep or relaxe, it's takin over my life big time these past 2 weeks, all I want is to not worrie for one day, feel the old me but I can't find a way to stop thinking, when I wake up thro the night I can't get bk off, Ivery just started takin kalms tablets to see if they help, I'm gettin all weird feelings in my boobs and don't know know what to do, I'm at Rock bottom but not told anyone, I've 3 kids who I love so much and a perfect parter so y am I like this, all I want to be is a mum and loving girlfriend can anyone give me advice pls xxxx


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8 Replies

  • Loving boyfriend I ment, I'm gettin like a tension feel over my left boob anyone else had this, but did have a boob job or is it my mind workin over time

  • hi claire iv been up two bloody nights strate same here mind not rest orelaxe or my body and the adrenaline in me is going crazy hot cold sweats headachs back my head shakes so tird

  • O god England. Its horrible. How r u coping. 2 nights is bad. Id do anything for my mind to relax for just one night x

  • its ruff fill like crap tird then over tird so you not tird what your mind does then the panic sets in and anxiety and dont whoner get do any think apart from lay there keep trying to sleep even with dleep tabs from the doctor dont work as the adrenalines high as any thing horrble

  • Ur not havin it good are u. Ive just got in doctors so gonna see what they say. Cos ive had enough. I want my life bk now.

  • wel my doctor keeps giveing me diff dleeping tabs that not working and sertraline50mg let me know what yours sayed did

  • hi I find Bach Night Rescue Reedy helps. Both the spray and the drops, and although the an odd taste at first for me more effective than the drops.

    Hope this helps and you find something, not being able to sleep is the pits!

  • Can I ask were to get em from as I'd like to try it see if it helps cc

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