I just want to live a normal life

I suffer from major anxiety/depression,i have felt better since taking prozac,but I still would prefer to be put to sleep. I have struggles more than 3 years,life is so difficult,i am doing therepy e.c I am 24 males, I want to start a course on health and fitness but I know it wouldent work because I cannot make friends so I fear people so much it is stopping me live my life,i also really want a girlfriend but I never speak. To girls because im so anxius,my family say im a good looking bloke,but I have no convedence,i dont think I will ever have a happy life and wish I could be put to sleep at rest


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  • Hi Newb

    I am so sorry you feel this way please look to brighter days this will not last forever although i know exactly what your talking about when you say you want to live a normal life. Its a battle on a daily basis but you need to set yourself some simple tasks to begin with you are attending therapy so this should assist you and help. When you suffer anxiety and depression it is difficult to make friends because you shut yourself away or think no one truly understands. Lucky for this site we can all relate to what your feeling. Once you regain your confidence you will be able to do a course then meeting people chatting etc one step at a time. Everything will come together if you can think positive.

    Its hard yes but i am sure you have some wonderful qualities and its just getting over the first hurdle. You are young and have everything to live for please do not have these negative thoughts. Time heals and baby steps.

    If i can help in anyway please keep in touch i am seeing a woman on a weekly basis and i can give you some tips to make life easier.

    let me know how you get one take care


    Seyi x

  • hi Newb I can fully understand the way your feeling,I have a nephew exactly like you, he is afraid to talk to anyone he dosen't know well,but with therepy he slowly realised that people will not harm him,he is depressed and anxious also,please sit down in a quiet room and try to reason with yourself,ask yourself why am I afraid of people search your mind for an answer,say to yourself today i'm going to say hello to someone I dont know,go outside and do it,do this one thing until you feel happy doing it,then you can set yourself another goal,its going to take an effort on your part,but your confedence will grow ,and you'll realise people are just people like yourself,most of them are shy and are just waiting for someone to speak first,please keep posting and let us know how your doing..xx

  • Hi Newb

    Are you feeling better today? I am nearly 30 and would say Iv suffered from a anxiety disorder for over 10 years, gradually getting worse over the years then last year it came to breaking point where i just couldn't cope anymore, I stopped wanting to make any effort and just wanted to stay home, i was the most unhappy id ever been, this went on for months, till i realized i was throwing away my best years! I don't want to be sat in my chair in my old age with regrets! so i went to the doctors, seen a therapist, chewed my close friends and familys ears off talking about it, and researched the arse off the subject! As you will be well aware anxiety arises from negative thoughts fooling our minds of fears that are irrational, and I know this sounds corny but a positive attitude is essential in recovery, If you want to do a course and want a girlfriend you WILL... maybe not tomorrow but you will have them if you really want them, tell us more about the things you have to be grateful for in life, we already know your a looker! what else? are you fit? hense your choice of course? and sounds like you have a supportive family? Also don't be to negative about the girlfriend thing, alot of women like the strong quiet type :)

  • Hi thanks for post,i do have positive things in my life,i have a car oalthough im on benefits now I have a flat,and a dog,but I turn these into negative thoughts, I see thenm as making me more stressed and anxius,i havent really even had a real girlfriend and I really miss the company and love,but my anxiety and panic over powers me achieving these,i never realy even go out only to the gym and to walk my dog,i deep down really dont want to be alive,and I have had this strong belief for aleast a year,i am doing as much as I can,i am on medication,just about to start qpregabalin after coming off of quetiapine,i have had 14 cbt therepy sessions,and I am waiting to be seen by the comunity mental healthw teami just want to have some real friends

  • Hi, a dog can be great company! and good excuse to get out and walk,what breed of dog do you have? and well done on the gym, how often do you go? I have a mebership but should go more often than i do if im honest! one tool that helped me and sounds like it could help you is working on positive not negative thoughts, write down your negative thoughts then write down a positive alternative to that thought and keep repeating the positive one! don't worry to much about not having a girlfriend, work on being happy and the rest will happen, you'll be much more appealing and approachable if your happy and smiling!:) so just work on you, work with your therapist but its you who has to do the work to take back control, so please try the alternative thought process, you need to start thinking more positive, think about how nice it would be to start a course, have a girlfriend etc, use all your wants as goals to work towards, as they are good ones! But please believe that things will get better, 6 months ago I did feel the same, its shocking how quickly you can start to feel much better with the right attitude! so start with a smile! are you smiling???? ;)

  • Hi, I have a staffordshgpgre bull terrier he is 2 years old,i got to the gym at least 3 times a week the gym,my dog and getting better is how I spend all my time

  • Your dog sounds lovely, im going to set that as my goal, gym 3 times a week. I hope you do that course one day, keep us posted.

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