I Just Want To Be Normal!

Ok hello im new here. Dont excatly know how this works but... here goes nothing lately well for 5 months now my anxiety has been the worst. Honestly i cant stop thinking that im dying from something im unaware of. 1st i went to the hospital for chest pains they did ekg and chest x ray came back clean 2nd went to the er for a bad headache did a ct scan came back clean as well now my body is all sore my throat feels like it has a lump and my head as been hurting for 3 days im so scared and feel alone because everyone around me just tells me to stop and its in my head is this what i have to look forward to the rest of my life?? Whats wrong with me?? And why cant i just be normal??


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  • I have many physical symptoms that are interfering with my life as well. I have gone to the ER many times with different symptoms that are very scary like chest pain, shortness of breath, headaches etc. After many doctors told me it was just anxiety I was finally diagnosed with POTS syndrome which is a real physical disease that mimics anxiety. Its very frustrating. I also just want my life to go back to normal again!

  • Story of my life... I was diagnosed with ptsd 4 yrs ago and just last week woth anxiety.. just like you ive had many test done and well I've been told many times that im healthy... I just can't believe all these symptoms are anxiety

  • Normal...So many definitions. We fellow anxiety etc, suffers are as normal as the next person... Most people.... believe it or not.... have at least one trait that others think is not normal or annoying. Like me putting all the dots in between thoughts..annoying right?. Anxiety can bring on (I think) a form of paranoia. which inflates any and all aliments....And the brain can make us feel anything it wants....So

    be well. steve

  • Hi Shadow, I just want to tell you Thank You for this post... what you said is what I basically...down to the roots...BELIEVE... and I need this reminder quite often at times, so it seems! Our minds and our beliefs DO create our reality... No, we may not 'do it on purpose' but then it just goes into over=drive and our beliefs just automatically take over... sometimes I get so caught up in what is happening Right Here and Now and its all that 'seems real'... but I know this is NOT the best choice... I know I have to be more mindful of allowing a 'hopeless, can't do anything about it' attitude on myself. Anyway...I thank you.

  • Hello, my anxiety hit me 3 months ago and yes it is all about physical symptoms. It started just like you with chest pains, then I had terrible headaches that I thought were stroke related, after I had skipped beats that made me jump out of bed at night, and that is when the real shit started because I am way too worried about my heart. Currently I have some kind of flutterings in my chest that make me freak out. It is all anxiety, once you realise it, it starts getting better, step by step. Wish you all the best.

  • Thanks all completely appreciate it. Knowing im not the only one going thru this helps just wish it would go away soon

  • Yeah I have the same issue. I currently am in an anxious mood typing this lol. You're not alone at all. I have Health anxiety that's been bothering me for several reasons, but after having new session with my therapist again ..she's teaching me ways to deal with it. If you feel in your gut something is up do get checked , BUT overall if you're going through things here & there but for the most part you're ok ? It's anxiety ..to be specific , health anxiety . Lol I've spent hours in several clinics around my city , convinced something was up. All came back to say , ANXIETY lol yes, stress causes a bunch of annoying ass things on us to go nuts ..it's not uniform either , one panic attack may not feel like the other. Lol stay optimistic ..we'll be anxiety-free or at least be able to manage it ..we have to try to overcome this ! :))) if you don't have an anxiety therapist ..DEFINITELY get one lol they're amazing ppl.

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