Want to be normal!!!

Really trying so hard to be or feel normal! All I do is cry and bad thoughts always creeping into my head! My boyfriend dear guy don't know how he deals with me. He can easily cope by making jokes being funny. I NEVER feel right. Everything even little things are a struggle. I don't sleep well and I have to because I go back to work Monday. I'm worried as I still have neck pain from my car accident and my work is hard on my neck/body. Today getting neck pain that goes into my head. That scares me bad. Just riding in the car I can't catch my breath. I WANT TO BE NORMAL!!! And be able to have fun like other people. 😥😥😥


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6 Replies

  • Go to the hospital to get your neck checked! There might be some trauma injury. Physical discomfort can make you feel even more down. Take leave from work and get your body checked. Cry out if you want to and it is best to find a person with a good listening ear to listen to your bad thoughts. Telling them to someone would be better, which I dont advice the person ti be your boyfriend if all he does is brush them away with jokes.

  • I've just had my neck checked out and things are fine, I have weak muscles from being in a brace so I guess it takes time with stretches and stuff. Just seems like it's takin longer for me. The muscles hurt so bad.

  • Like Xxin says...go to the dr and get our neck checked...this will help to put your mind at ease. I would really advise at you ask your GP if there is a counselor or therapist that you could have at least several sessions with...so you can 'let it all out'... I have a feeling you would be very pleasantly surprised at how much this will help you... Please...do consider this... Please...

  • Yes I need to talk to someone I agree!!! It's just being able to afford it.

  • Hi Chubbers, I'm sorry and I do understand... maybe if you talk with your GP about this he might have some ideas as to what kind of counseling or therapy might be available... sometimes one is pleasantly surprised about what is actually available to you. Wish you good luck.

  • Thank you 😊

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