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Just want my life back!

I just want this to go away and have my life back. I'm scared to go to sleep at night. Hate being alone. Have no appetite. Been to the doctor about 3 times and they said I'm fine. Feels like I can't breathe or going to stop or feels like I fighting to breathe. Feel dizzy and light headed. Shaking. Doctor put me on meds and it seem like its getting worse!! Dont know what to do. Seem like I'm going crazy and running everyone away because of how I feel. 😞😞

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Hi Mzemma01 I know how you feel I went through that too 3 years ago still comes around but i learn to calm my self a bit I learn that drinking warm tea and soothing warm baths helps me i hope it helps a bit 😊


I feel that way. Tonight I was feeling fine but the started getting an unusual pain in my side. I guess because it is new to me I start worrying about it. Next thing I know I'm have thoughts about me dying and leaving my son, now I have worked myself up with just thoughts! These thoughts have no rhyme or reason but now my heart is racing and I'm getting light headed. You don't have to be alone, we are here.


Mzemma01, I completely understand what you're saying and what you're going through. I was just saying the other day....I want my life back and I want to feel normal again. I too hate being alone and going to sleep at night. In fact, tonight I was having chest pains. It took everything in me to not let my mind wander into thinking I was having a heart attack...AGAIN! I pray ALOT and I try not to focus on my panic attacks when they happen. I either get up and do something or watch something interesting or funny on TV. Or...depending on the time, I call one of my girlfriends and talk to them. You will get through this! And just like Teerings3 don't have to be alone. We are here.

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Your not alone I've been having pin needle chest pain on and off today . My anxiety is going crazy I just have to keep calm and not think crazy but as you know it's hard . You'll be okay I've felt the way u have shaking dizzy trouble breathing etc and even felt like I was going to die . I never died it's all in your head and you can fight it . Hope you feel better never loose hope .


Thank you guys! I hope I get better as well and I'm glad I'm not alone and have someone I can talk to about it and actually understand. It sucks going thru this and not know the reason.


hello~ me too I want my life back, I am SCARED alot, I Hate ALONE! I have no appetite!

WHY? are we dealing with this Anxiety/Panic? now I realize we are NOT alone, in have-ing this problem, BUT it doesn't make it any easier to cope with on & on..........

there certainly are alot of Us share-ing this currently..... is there something in our water?

or what???

sincerely, Diane, Nana of three


You explained everything I go through down to a T. I feel that way all the time.


I can relate to literally everything you just said. It's terrible. Sorry you have tI deal with it.


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