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I just had to stand up in front of my class and act out something and it made me so nervous and adrenaline was seriously running! But I don't I kid, I HATED feeling like that, but today it was like a huge relief. I don't know how to explain it but it was comforting to be anxious about something logical instead of the illogical things in my head. I felt so good after I'd done it - a sense of pride. It's reinforced the idea that you have to face your fears in order to overcome obstacles! And of course, distraction is key.

If we all force ourselves out of our comfort zones every now and again, maybe we'll start to feel stronger :)

Take care everyone xx

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That's great and I so agree. Am off to Zurich next Thursday on standby flights. Should be scared out of my mind (and probably will be) but what an adventure. Feel proud, feel very proud. X


Its great to hear how you coped and how much enthusiasm you are feeling about the experience. Well done! Hope that the positivity continues and that feeling confident brings more strength and creates a positive spiral. Really happy for you x


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