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Help me I can't feel better

Hi guys so this isn't as urgent as some people's but it still scares the living crap out of me. It all started when Caleb Logan died (yeah i know) and I didn't know him at all but everyone started posting on Instagram so I was so freaking scared during that time period because it said he just died in his sleep. Then a few days later they found out that it was cardiomyopathy. So now I'm so afraid that I have cardiomyopathy because I have really bad health anxiety. I'm on Zoloft and that's all and also I have no heart disease in my family, but here are my symptoms;

-Moderate chest pain, on and off and it only lasts for a second or two

-dizziness, on and off(usually when I run or something)

-pains in temples

-breathing really hard

Yeah I'm pretty sure I'm having an attack right now because I'm scared. I feel like nobody understands me, everyone's just tired of hearing me "whine" about this and that and they're just like there's nothing wrong with you but j don't know. Also yesterday I was practicing for my big school play and my leg buckled on stage. I made it look natural so nobody really noticed but I've read that cardiomyopathy can go undetected which is really scary. I'm scared to ask to go to a cardiologist or something because I'm scared that everyone will be like "you're fine, all of the doctors you've gone to have said you're fine" and when I went to the ER 3 months ago my oxygen and blood pressure and everything else was okay. I've also had some weird things where I start trembling. Yeah and cardiomyopathy is more severe during childhood??? Guys I'm an 11 year old female so... Thanks for reading all of this, have a great day :)

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Hello Dory, how are you feeling now? I'm so upset that with only 11 years you get to suffer these symptoms! You should be enjoying your childhood with no worry in the world and live your life and do anything a normal kid do. Why are you on Zoloft in the first place?! Hope nothing major happened in your life! But i offer you my support and i'm here if you want to talk to anyone whenever you feel bad or down.

As to your symptoms, they're very common to anxiety and depression dear. I myself suffer from anxiety and i have your same symptoms and more. The thing about depression and anxiety is that they mainly sum the sypmtoms of every major disease hehe.

But if you're really worried and don't want to take any chances i suggest you talk to your parents or at least one of them and explain your fears and tell them that it will really make you feel a lot better if you go to a cardiologist. And hopefully they'll check you and you'll be fine and then focus on getting better and live your life happily.

I'm here if you need someone to listen.

All the best x


Hi! I'm on Zoloft because a few things lead up to my anxiety. My Grandaddy died this past summer and we were very close.

It's also been hard because every Wednesday he'd pick me up and we'd go straight to Chick-Fil-A. This year he wasn't here to pick me up anymore and it just kind of a hard blow. My parents are also divorced and they haven't been getting along lately, so that adds to it. And lastly I didn't start off on the right foot in middle school- I was really quiet the first day and so now everyone thinks that I'm a quiet little nerd and it's annoying because nobody looks at me in the hall. Thank you for understanding, and yes I agree that anxiety does sum up every single disease! Haha that literally made me laugh out loud. I may take advantage of you listening to me one day, sometimes I need it because I don't really want to cause any more trouble with anyone, I feel like everyone's getting tired of me worrying but it's something I can't help. Kind regards 💕


Hi, glad i madr you laugh. Have to admit though that you right awfully good for an 11 year old hehe.

Anyway, school can be very hard and puts pressure on kids but just try to imagine it as your own big theater and you get to play the role that you most feel fit :) just rub off all those nasty annoying and bithering kids in there and fill your heart with self confidence, that will make other kids like you and lool up to you. Each person is unique and i can assure you that you are verh much so. All the best today and feel free to reply whenever and whatever you want xx


Write* haha


You shouldn't be going through this, being so young. However, you feel what you feel so we can't deny that. However, if your doctor says you are okay believe it. Take deep breaths. Think about good things in your life. Just so you will feel better ask your parents to request a EKG from your doctor. If they refuse, speak to a school counselor; a referral coming from her to your parents might work. Try not to worry, Dorydamon. God loves you. Prayer always helps.


Haha yeah, my mom went to medical school so she tells me that I'm fine but I just can't accept that. I don't know why, my brain is weird sometimes. I don't want to upset my mom because I have a little sister that stayed in the hospital for a week because she had this bad infected pocket in her throat and that cost a lot of money. Then a few months later at Disney my mom and grandparents took me to the ER because I thought I was having a heart attack because my hands were going numb, but it turns out I was just hyperventilating because I was having an anxiety attack, it was like a never ending cycle. I pray every night that this will get better, and slowly but surely it's getting better. Thank you for having such a kind heart and taking the time to read this. ❤️


Oh, Sweetie! (hope you don't mind the "sweetie" :-) ) I'm so sorry. It's wonderful that you are so intelligent, and that you're in theatre! My doctor told me that it's the most creative and intelligent of us who suffer from anxiety disorders, because we can imagine so many horrible things happening! I am sure your heart is fine. I also know you don't believe me. That's okay. Having a cardiogram is a very reassuring thing for people like us, and I think having one for your mental health and peace of mind would be a good thing.

I send you strength and courage. You have a brilliant future ahead! All the best, and keep acting!


Thank you so much! There are so many amazing people on this website. (Haha I don't mind the sweetie at all!) it makes sense that the creative people have anxiety disorders, I've never thought of that! Thank you so much, I love how great it is that I can speak what my thoughts are on here and people don't overlook me because I'm young and stuff. Thank you again for sending me this!

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You will be fine! Let us know how the play goes. We creative geniuses need to stick together! :-)


What he had is genetic there was a family history. Anxiety can have so many symptoms. Have a full checkup to rule out any physical issues. Panic attacks are the worst.


Thank you so much! I feel better tonight. I have my nights. You guys are amazing!


You are a talented young lady but unfortunately a little bit too medically wise for your age. Enjoy being 11 and try to put aside the medical knowledge, you will have plenty of time in later years to worry about cardiomyopathy and other genetic problems.


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