I've been coughing for about three weeks now and I'm really scared because I searched my symptoms on Google

Hi guys I'm new but what I'm wanting to know from you guys is that I've had a cough for about three weeks now and it hasn't gone away and I somewhat feel like I'm short of breath but that goes away when I don't think about it but comes back when I think about it. My cough is mostly dry maybe like 3 times that it came with little mucus. It's mostly during the day because when I go to sleep I sleep fine I don't wake up from coughing. So what I did was search on google for my symptoms and all these diseases came up and like illnesses and I'm really scared that it might be lung cancer or something else im just really scared like I keep thinking about it and it freaks me out like the fact the I worry so much gives me anxiety that I can't live happy or I haven't lived happy for the three weeks I had this cough I'm just really scared I'm 16 and I haven't smoked nothing in my life !!!! Also my shortness of breath didn't start with the coughing it started one day when I got so full but I didn't eat so much I felt bloated for like 3 days that's when my shortness of breath started until now my shortness of breath has been going on for about a month and 10 days but it has gone better and it somehow goes away when I don't think about it but when I do I feel like I'm out of breath sorry for the long text I'm just really worried that it might be something serious I'm going to the doctors soon but I've just been worrying so much.


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  • Aww no never Google 🙈 Google is a bad place if you have anxiety!! I learnt the hard way was forever googling my symptoms and it's told me I have every cancer possible! Go to your doctor he'll sort you out 😘 X

  • Ps I was like you a couple weeks back!! Had a dry cough with tiny bits of mucus freaked me out!!

  • Thanks for replying it's just hard dealing with this because now all I can think of is the possiblity of me having something bad

  • You might have bronchitis and need antibiotics.

  • You think so ? I'm really terrified

  • Hi. In a way you have put your finger on the issue perhaps when you say that you are fine when not thinking about any symptoms or feelings of being ill. Distraction as a tried and successful method of coping with some types of anxiety.As you dont seem to have any problem when you go to sleep, it might be that cough is being triggered by something in the environment you are in during day time, which is irritating your lungs or throat. For sure, you will not find the answer on google. What you will find there is more worry and anxiety. If I were you i would try to take a logical approach to this problem. You can, for example, try using a face mask during day time which filters out particles in the air around you. This will help indicate if the problem is environmental, which it does sound like on the face of it. If not environmental then maybe you have some physical issue which needs attention and you need to speak with your doctor. I wish you well.

  • Thanks for answering I really appreciate it I will surely try your tip out.

  • Hello

    Try not to worry the chances are it will be nothing much you are young a none smoker everything is going your way with all that on your side , it could be a allergy reaction maybe Asthma but as none of us are Doctors we cannot diagnose only your Doctor can do that and I am pleased to see you have made an appointment this will give you peace of mind , let us know what they say when you have been :-)

    Not forgetting to say keep of Dr Google , always throws the worse scenario at you when you go looking the worse thing you can do , try & resist in future because all Dr Google is good for is sending people's anxiety out the roof !

    Take Care x

  • Thank you for the kind words I really hope my appointment goes well and it's really hard to not worry about this its constant in my mind

  • I am sure everything will be fine , I know it is hard trying not to worry but remember that even if it was something the doctors would be able to treat it and that is the worse that could happen so maybe if you think like that it might make you feel more positive that everything will be ok , look forward to you letting us no how you got on :-) xxx

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