I've been getting adrenaline rushes for the last 2 hours....constantly.

Well silly me googled how to get rid of it and I came across a website that I really shouldn't have read.. I won't go into what it said as I don't want to freak anyone out but I've got myself Into a right state.

Everyone's in bed and I feel quite teary about the whole thing..I know I shouldn't seek reassurance but I'm in such a tizzy I can't help it :-(


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  • Hi Ashly

    Your Not alone!..

    I think from a lot of things I've read, I've seen many people mention similar things, and it seems like a kind of catch 22 because as you get anxious, your body responds (it doesn't know whether something is real or not) it just responds to a "perceived" threat of some kind by creating adrenalin, and well you know what that feels like, but that fuels the anxiety as well so we end up in a kind of loop and easy to get ourselves worked up into a proper state.

    Also, looking on the net.. well, I imagine nearly everyone does it, and at the time probably realises it might not be the greatest idea, yet we still do it anyway, I know I do.. and it's easy to convince myself then, that there is all kinds of things wrong, it all adds up!.....often to the point of overwhelm or near overwhelm!

    and well, in a way you already did a great thing by just accepting it, then coming here, to share it.. I doubt you will freak anyone out really and there is nothing wrong at all with seeking reassurance, is why I come here for at times, we all need it at times..just part of what is, and if it helps, it helps and its a good thing. :)

    I know when I do get myself into a state or my body feels like it's doing crazy things, I find deep conscious breathing really helps and just talking to my body like I would a good freind, allowing it to do it's thing, and just breathing with it... tell yourself it's all gonna be ok, your body know's exactly what it's doing and what to do etc...

    for some that might be a lot easier said than done, for myself I always tell myself, that I trust my body enough to REALLY let me know if there is anything majorly wrong.

    usually after some deep breathing, things really start to settle down.. and maybe avoid caffeine for a little while too

  • Also if you feel this wouldn't, or doesn't work for you, there is nothing wrong with phoning the NHS direct and just talking to medical professional can put you more at ease too.. whatever you need to do to ease yourself into a better space..

  • Im not adding that because I feel there is anything wrong, noo.. the breathing works just fine for me, but I know it may not work for everyone, soo.. either way and whatever you decide to do, it sounds like your already managing it pretty well! :)

  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling tearful :( You're welcome to seek reassurance from us on here anytime, so never think that you shouldn't! :)

    I would advise you to never seek reassurance from Google though - whenever you Google a medical complaint you'll find scary answers and it's hardly ever an accurate diagnosis of your symptoms so please try not to worry :)

    Why don't you pour yourself a mug of hot milk or decaf tea/coffee and spend a few moments breathing slowly, in and out, in and out...

    Once you've calmed yourself down a little more hopefully you can even have a little laugh over this - the internet can come up with some weird and wonderful answers to simple medical questions and they're only there to scare us folk with anxiety! If you have an itchy eye, somewhere will tell you you're going blind... if you've got an ingrowing toenail, somewhere will tell you you're probably going to lose your leg. It's all just nonsense and I really hope you can have a little chuckle at it soon :)

    When we're looking for answers, websites like this can really panic us because we look at the list of symptoms and think - oh no I have all of these symptoms! But it's honestly nothing to worry about, you know it's adrenaline really so I hope you can come down from the panic soon :)

    Sending big hugs!

    Katy xx

  • I must agree with merlenesque

    I have phoned Nhs direct twice in the last 3 weeks.

    I suffer from health anxiety and am nearly always awake between midnight and 6am because I have convinced myself that most people die between these times. Silly I know but that is blasted anxiety for you.

    All the best

  • Thanks for your comments. I finally fell asleep as I always do I don't know why I've become so afraid of nighttime, I usually couldn't wait to get into bed watch some TV and fall asleep but now I find that's when I panic most throughout the day. I need to stop googling things even my CBT lady has told me to try not doing it.

    I'm glad we have this website for times like last night when you feel quite alone you can speak to other people who know exactly what you're going through xx ;


  • Hi Ashley,

    Next time you get adrenaline flooding in, do some exercise and burn it off. Think of it as petrol, and having to much in your tank, so we burn some off by exercising.

    Running on the spot, knees up as high as possible, using the legs burns it quicker as they are bigger muscles. It works, and usually gets me laughing at myself at what a silly billy I have been, winding myself up and causing this in the first place.

    All the best



  • I second what baylien says. I started going to a weekly class called Body Pump and it burns off my adrenalin and stress - the endorphins released seem to zap the stress away. If you have a park nearby going for a run might help too.

  • See I've been scared to excercise as if late due to my silly brain thinking my heart is going to give out. Xx

  • lol, yup, our brains are great at spoiling the party, I just smile at my thoughts now, knowing most of them are just bullsh....t, a bit like adverts on the tele, one after the other, then repeating over again. Its just thoughts its our actions to them that can mess things up.

    try some, light walking to get you in the mood Ashley,

    I'm sure if my heart is still working after all these years, yours will too.

    All the best



  • Hi, a couple of years ago after working with the NHS for a while, my ward closed overnight, as a result I was supposed to move to a ward I knew but didn't like. I built this up into such a huge thing that I started suffering from severe anxiety which in turn released adrenalin into my body 24-7, I couldn't sleep, was sweating all the time having to take 3 or 4 showers during the night, I suffered severe shaking. This continued for about a month until I was an absolute wreck and after a paramedic call and a trip to the docs where he prescribed lorazapam to stop the shaking, I referred myself to the community psych team. Eventually the adrenalin started to subside and I did get through it. I still get occasions perhaps a few times a week where for no reason I suddenly get a rush of it again and I panic that it will all start again. Touchwood not so far, so you will get through it. Perhaps speak to your doc, they did put me on Seroquel which I said I wouldn't ever touch again, but could work for you. I'm tempted to try Buddhist meditation, but do find it hard to concentrate hard enough.

    Hope your ok soon. xx

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