Hi All,

So last night I was work typing away an e-mail when I felt a sudden head rush out of nowhere which within 2 seconds translated into my heart racing (no chest pain), and breathing difficulties which lasts 4-5 seconds.

This kinda tends to happen when I worry too much about health related issues. And it all started being more noticeable last week.

Anyone experiencing this? Went AE and been recommended blood tests and if these come back normal it may be that I need beta-blockers?

Please help



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24 Replies

  • It has happened to me but I'm ok with it, I know it is only the anxiety and have learned to not worry much about it when it happens.

    Beta blockers, try eating 1-2 bananas a day, they are natural beta blockers.

    Check out this link....

  • will try them out, I know I suffer from health anxiety and may be PTSD as well...but never had heart palpitations coupled with breathing difficulties. You know the feeling when you're strolling across the park and you notice a vicious dog heading towards you out of nowhere?

  • Yes, I know that feeling I used to get it a lot.

  • Thought I would have a stroke last night, also may I say head a skull injury 8 months ago caused by a bus wing mirror which hit me in the left frontal bone

  • Is that what triggered the anxiety attacks?

  • Yes but never experienced these head rushes coupled with heart racing within 2 seconds...I also experience this thing if I been sat on a chair for 2-3 h and then try to bend over or bending the knee, when I come back to standing position I experience a 5 seconds head rush

  • The head rush from sitting or bending over can come from you straitening up to quickly, it has happened to me.

    I got the shakes last Friday for the first time ever, no reason for it, it started and a few minutes later it stopped. A while ago I would have panicked about it but now days I know its nothing but the anxiety so I ignored it and felt better.

    I taught myself to realise that all of these things are my anxiety kicking in and to ignore it when it happens, now I can cope 99% of the time when it starts, my life is much better now from doing it.

  • And are you hitting the gym as normal- do you lift weights etc? Have you noticed any health issues since? I am planning to commence hitting the gym next month so wondering if I will faint one day because of this

  • Yes I hit the gym as normal and I lift weights and do some cardio 3 times per week. The days I'm not in the gym ill go for a walk in the evening. The exercise should actually help you out with this, it is very good for anxiety, makes you feel a lot better.

  • Hope it will help me too...

  • I don't see why it wont. :)

  • argh, I tried messaging you but won't let me for some reason:(

  • Hold on ill try to message you then.

  • Tried to send you a message, did you get it?

  • I sent you one

  • And I responded but not entirely sure whether you got it

  • No it hasn't arrived.

  • Ill check it again later, must be a fault in it somewhere. I have to go now for a while.

    Chat later if it works.

  • drop me your email address or whatever means of contact work best and will contact you tonight after 10 o'clock once home if okay


  • I mean you can send these in a pm

  • Will see if this works first... give it time to sort itself. Bye for now.

  • Thanks

  • Still didn't get your message Jim.

  • It will work eventually

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