Not a good start to the day

finished night shift at 5 this morning and took the OH to the Coach station so she could go to london she need nothing but have a go at me the whole way didnt get a cuddle good by drove home close to tears and my heart feeling like it was tring to rip out of my chest lay in bed trying to sleep till getting the kids up for school.

went shopping had to hold back tears the whole way around struggled to talk to the lady at the till. then didnt have enough shopping in my account for the shopping had to go away and sort that out by the time i got home my head was throbing like it was going to explod lay in bed till the end of school trying to get back in controll and get some sleep. no luck now im back at work. just want to roll up in the corner and hide away.



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  • ah it has been a tough day for you luv and people dont seem to have any idea how bad our anxiety gets in stressful situations my OH is the same seems to think it goes in a couple of days how wrong they are and how we wish it would i know you tired and tearful but just try and focus on work at the mo and focus on OH tmw have you talked and told her how bad you really feel and have you seen your gp if your not getting better you may need some more help and support you have got us on here chin up xxx

  • OH not interested just calls me weak, the GP said that she wasnt that conserned and that i should be able to work through it too look up breathing exersises to help. Told me next time to take the OH half with me to talk about it when i told her she just said whats the point your just being silly. Just wish she would understand, But nolonger cares for how i feel.

    Im really thankful for the help on here. was doing very well till this morning, I was happy to be seing her off but after that i just felt broken. I was hoping foor a good ferwell for the weekend for the sake of my mind now i have all sorts of rubbish unwanted thoughts in my head i dont need this. I just want too feel my happy self again.

    Thank you for your comment rant over :-)

  • Hi Bigtonyd

    sorry to hear you are having a bad time. Its very inconsiderate of your OH. I am the OH of a partner with anxiety and i wouldnt be like that with him. She obviously hasnt taken time out to learn about anxiety. Get her on here. No you are not weak. Its not easy for both parties. My OH shuts himself off and clams up. Does she know how you feel and do you talk. If not you need to sit her down and explain it to her.


  • you are far from weak luv to be putting up with this my OH called me weak and all i said to him is i really hope you get a taste of this it so upsets me for people to think we are weak they have absolutely no idea and if they did then god help them thats why i was so glad to meet all these wonderful people on here who really do understand us and are here to help dont let your gp fob you off you tell him you need help and support otherwise see another gp hope you ok xxx

  • Sheffieldwed i totally agree with you. I dont have anxiety but it has opened my eyes to what it does and the upset it causes. I will never ever think anyone is weak with this illness, and anyone else close to me that would have it, i would never judge, and would make sure that i am there for them. x

  • I have tried explaining it to her numours times and said does this seem anything to what you have knowen me to be in the past 17 years. she thinks that im just putting it on for attention. I really wish i was because it wouls make life much easier to live with. I dont think the GP fobed me off i was on a good day when i went there and she seemed to think because its been brought on by the break up that i may be able to battle it out my self. I think shes right if only i had the support of the OH but she not been the same person since last year. I think that I need to get out of this relationship but i love my kids and dont want to be seperated from them.

  • I think the worst thing is the tiredness tonight just making the feelings amplified hopefully i'll get som sleep tomorrow if the kids permit it lol

  • it would make life so much easier for us all on here love and the thing is you do need help and support and i too didnt have alot before coming on here to those who understand we can only advise you and try and help you get back on track the issues of your anxiety do need addressing its obviously you are getting worse and do suggest you go back to your gp i left it and left it to the point i didnt want to drive i didnt want to go to work i sat and cried my children where so upset to see me this way and couldnt understand why mummy no longer wanted to go footballing or take my little girl out on her pony and why i was affraid to be on my own plz dont let it get this bad help yourself first and when you have done this focus on the next best thing your family you cant focus on them while you are not feeling yourself trust me and the other lovelies on here gp first and get the help you deserve xxx

  • Thank you Sheffield, So far its just eems to be the OH that pulling me back in every time i reach the surface. when she been away before i have felt better after a couple of days, I'll see what happens to me when she comes back this time if a fall big again then I will see the GP. I cant help feeling im wasting there time, I have always been that way with the docs and rearly go.

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