Does anyone start to feel rundown at night?

Ugh, so the chills went away but I found that now, at like eight in the evening, I suddenly feel really rundown and gross. Does anyone else get this way? Is that indicative of a problem? My sleeping is screwy as I haven't gotten to bed until like 3-3:30 every night for over a week. I can be tired and then right when my head hits the pillow, boom. So many thoughts.

And then I'll wake up tired, when I sleep in, like I've had really active dreams or something. When I walk I feel dizzy. Though walking more seems to help like when I get up and DO something. I had the same thing like maybe a couple months back, but it's concerning me again.


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  • Hi there

    I was feeling like this when I was drinking but I am not any more.

    I am off booze for 9 weeks now. That has helped.

  • Im sixteen so I do not drink.

  • My apologies.

  • No problem :) awesome job for you, though!

  • It sounds like either an iron or B12 vitamin deficiency or a thyroid problem . Ask your doc to order some blood tests for both.

  • I got that all tested a few months ago and it was perfect

  • If your B12 is under 500 - it's far from perfect!

  • I get optional injections of it for anxiety anyway. About once to twice a month, but I am not deficient. I asked the blood work lady to look specifically for that.

  • Do the shots help reduce your anxiety? If so, it means you are deficient, despite what your blood tests say. Pernicious anemia can cause severe psychiatric and neurological damage years before the deficiency appears in the blood work. That's why it's so hard to diagnose.

    More info here:

  • IT does not lower my anxiety or stop it. Just helps. Besides, I do not have the symptoms of b12 deficiency and can do no more to solve the issue, as I do not believe it is that.

    I do not want to run to a doctor each time I feel something weird. I do occasional shots at a clinic for weight loss, that uses b 12 as a weightloss program because it gives a person more energy. The practitioner there uses it for the same reasons as I do and she is not deficient. I do not want to jump ro the assumption of neurological damage because there is.little I can do for that.

  • I don't know where you got your information from because it's totally incorrect. Neurological damage from pernicious anemia is almost ALWAYS reversible - providing it's caught in time.

    It's kind of pointless continuing a discussion like this. You can bury your head in the sand and risk permanent damage or check the facts via the link posted above. Your choice.

  • Considering that I started feeling likethis just AFTER having a shot, it makes more sense for it to be hormone related. I already had my b12 checked and am looking over my labs from it. If my doctor said I do not have that deficiency, I am going to accept the professional input rather than the recommended one. Thanks, though.

  • Do u take vitamins? Sounds like u just really need some rest

  • Its only happened for the last day or so, right after I had this huge panic in the mall. I think fighting a cold or just due to poor sleeping habit. I think that is anxiety when you are tired but still cannot sleep. I thought blood sugar but i hadthat tested at the same time and it was fine then. Plus it doesnt just poof and happen.

  • As I'm sure you already know, it's just more of that nasty anxiety. :/ I struggled with the same thing badly a few weeks ago. It began to scare me that I couldn't sleep but eventually, it calmed down and I could sleep again. It just had to run it's course. So annoying, isn't it?

  • Yeah. Right when I wake up, I am tired like I had really active dreams or sslept really lightly.aybe I am waking up and just do not remember it? I get about 8ish hours a night, sometimes nine, so it is not like I am over sleeping. And I am not exhausted during the day. I have random episodes of being tired that usually goes when I do something.

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