Not a good Day... At all

Today I was having shortness of breath, feelung dizzy, couldn't really eat, and I was having anxiety/panic attacks all day. I was trying to go to sleep a little while ago and got really emotional. My Hubby tries to understand and help when I get like this. But anywho, any breathing suggestions? My Mom said I should get my iron checked. I need techniques to ease this anxiety disorder.


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8 Replies

  • Can totally relate. I was fine the last past two days and I was sitting here watching a movie & bam it comes back again. Shortness of breath shooting pains down my arm, tight chest kinda dizzy also.

  • Yes it's too much. Everyday I'm freaking out over anxiety

  • Thats how mine started, i learned now that my body reacts a weird way to smells lol .... But the best thing to do is count to 10 starring at the same spot taking deep breathes.... It should help & try to think positive it will go away

  • Thank You

  • This happens to me pretty much everyday. I do several things to cal myself down.

    1. Call a friend

    2. Watch an episode of Bobs Burgers or Family Guy

    3. Hold my breath in for 10 seconds...hold it for 10 seconds...then breath out for 10 seconds

    4. Get up and move around

    5. Take a Xanax

    6. Pray until it goes away

  • Thank You. I'm going to make an appointment. I go through this just about every day but I don't take anything for it.

  • Hi relaxation helps lots of people with anxiety if you can get into in all the the treatment purses it works wonders.if you can do it .I can't. It's not for everyone. But does help a lot.

  • Thank You very much

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