Today is not the day

Today I went woke up early then I went to my mom's house to get my laundry didn't want to drive there cuz I gotta pick up my son from school I felt like horrible maybe because I drink last night maybe just a little bit too much until the point where I feel like my heart's going to stop and I don't know maybe it's my anxiety I haven't got that much sleep because I woke up early and my mom is making tamales so I'm hoping this goes away I have to dry my clothes at the laundromat and go home and cook something for lunch hope they can get some rest but I do have cleaning to do and I'm just like so overwhelmed and tired and I have no energy whatsoever so today sucks and I haven't felt like this in a while which is good but still I don't like the feeling of it


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6 Replies

  • Quit drinking, it will help a ton. You will be ok...take care of yourself. It will be alright. 😚

  • I am uhg i dont feel good im loosing my control

  • Don't lose ARE stronger than this. Faith...have faith, in you.

  • Im trying my best i havent had a big one in a long time uhg why today i sure hope i feel better tomorrow

  • I know. But hey at least its been a long time since one...that's a positive. ☺

  • Yes i know im glad its over i hoe today will be ok

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