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I have an endoscopy booked for the 8th of march and im a nervous wreck. im going under anesthetic so i wont have a clue but im so frightened. i have lots of different issues including health anxiety and cant seem to cope with and extra stress outside of my shut off life. i panic and have anxiety attacks for normal things like going out! im scared of pain, being sick, not being in control of myself. i just wanted to know if anybody else had this procedure done and what there experience was? thanks for listening, i feel like im going off my head on a normal day let alone with this added extra. x

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Hi sam, i have had this and was ok and didn't have the anaesthetic, my dad has had it too and didn't even realise he had had it with watever they gave him so i would not worry. Steve


Hi luv . I have had it done , I suffer with health anxiety & everything else under the sun lol anyway dont like hospitals so I was stupid & said I will stop awake , so I could get out quicker , well I coped , but you are doing the right thing , having the sedatives they offer , I wouldnt mind if I had to have anothe one , even though I would still get anxious , I would though have the sedative they offer , so if someone like me is saying its ok , it must be ;)





I had it done about 2yrs ago,it was fine,I just did try not to think about it,went myself,only told a couple of people I was going for it,so no one would keep reminding me about it.


I had it done last year and was knocked out.

it was fine and I was awake before I knew I'd been asleep!




I had it done under sedation a few years ago and then had a general last year (which I was terrified of). It was so easy and, if you explain to the doctors you are nervous, they will explain everything to you and be really supportive. :-)


Hi please try not to worry I had mine last year with no sedation I'm a terrible worrier but I needed it done as had so many health issues for many years I'd lost weight felt constant sick constant burning in my ribs I thought I had cancer id had ultrasound which showed nothing so the endoscopy was done it showed I had a hiatus hernia which answered so many questions and I felt relieved x I totally understand your fear but you will be ok and the staff know how worried people are about this procedure I hope all goes well let us know in a few weeks how you got on x take care x


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