Everyday is a struggle

My head and my whole body feels shaky when i walk :( i feel like im losing it like im going to have a seizure, a side of my face feels weird like heavy feeling im so scared, all i do is cry all day thinking the worst is going to happen to me, everytime i see someone is sick or dies that's when my anxiety goes up ( if this is anxiety) this symptoms are way too real idk if this ever happen to anyone :( im so scared im starting to think this is not anxiety but i had never felt like this before :(


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  • I fee the same. Im always scared of a seizure... but I think the "seizure" feeling is just built up adrenaline trying to come out?

  • I really dont know but i hate feeling like this, omg why this is happening to us? Im really exhausted im not even sleeping at night time :(

  • So freaking tired of it. I have a hard time sleeping at night.. last night was horrible, I had a nightmare/panic attack at midnight. Definitely taking my anxiety medication before bed tonight... I just want it to knock me out so I don't have to think about this 😩

  • Im sorry to hear that :( but are you okay now?. Im tired of feeling like this i hope i can drink meds but i dont realy want to im scared lol. But yeah just drink it so you can be good at bed time

  • Yeah I guess I'm better now. I've been dizzy all day... smh. I hate the dizzy.. weird feeling.

  • Me too ugh i hate it omg, and my left arm hurts :( has that ever happen to you? Omg i cant shake the thought if a heart attack

  • Yes 😩 Allll the time. Literally. I've been to the er so many times thinking heart attack but all they find is fast heart rate everything else is fine. Thank god. Just anxiety 🙄

  • Me too omg this sh*t sucks so bad im so tired of feeling like this, i feel like im failing my children :( im so tired

  • I know.. it's so hard. Don't feel like that...I'm sure your an awesome mom. Your kids are too young to fully understand. Just try your best that's all you can do. You will make it through this.... one day at a time 🙂

    Just know your not alone... i literally feel the exact same as you do. Don't give up

  • It is really hard, thank you so much, im sure you're an awesome mom as well :) i have 2 reasons why not to give up those are my kids its just hard sometimes you know.

  • Yes that's how my apparent anxiety presents itself I feel shaky in my body jittery inside and vibration feelings it's disgusting. When I feel normal I look back and think yes those feelings are anxiety but when I'm in it I always question it even though I've had the all clear by doctors. We'll get there just have hope xx

  • Omg you get that too? :(

  • Yes along with a host of other symptoms they always switch around and take turns lol

  • Omg me too, sometimes i think in having a stroke and all the symptoms come and then a heart attack :( lol im so over this

  • Are you on medication? What I find helps with this feeling are beta blockers and Valium however I like many others in here don't like taking medications so most of the time I just hack the feelings and I will take one of the medications if it gets absolutely too much to bear

  • I take beta blockers for my blood pressure it does help me with my anxiety as well but this medication is only for 3 months since im only 25 bc it was after i had my baby that my bp became a little high :( but yeah those pills help with my anxiety big time.

  • Hi I also have the awful nervous tremors going on inside my body much worse the first half of the day and then at night in bed I have the horrible vibrating generator type noise in my head do you have that at all.

  • Yes i have similar sensations i have vibrating in my face. down my legs sometimes too and just general internal shaking

  • Leebr i have those too at night along with fast heart palpitations, i hate those :(

  • Aazz what do you feel? I feel so weird like a vibrating sensation on my head and body

  • yes sort of like a buzzing like a vibrating mobile phone.

  • Yessss that's just how i feel 😒

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