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When will this stop?????

Sometimes i really think being positive will help THE PHYSICAL ANXIETY THAT'S AFFECTING MY BODY, it does sometimes, but then there's days when out of the blue you just get a weird symptom, like the weekend i had throbbing headache i just had to lay down... (wishful thinking of a nice weekend with my family), eyes feel so dry sometimes it affects my head.. to feel weird, stiff head feeling behind my head,burning ear sensation the list goes on... im so tired, i cant anymore im sitting at my desk so depressed sad and angry at the same time because why can other people live normal lives and we have to suffer like this! i cant be normal for not even 1 day! im so frustrated i cant handle this anymore i feel like just shouting at the world! im angry with everyone... guys im sorry if i have to lay this off to you all but please understand where im coming from? some of you might even think im going craze but the way i feel everyday makes me feel like a craze person because a normal person does not go through this, i hope that there's someone on this chat that will be able to relate to me as i have totally given up there's no doctor that can help me all tests ive done all comes back that there's nothing wrong then what is this stupid sensations and feelings im getting this cant be normal is that what a chemical in ones brain can do then why cant the chemical be challenged? and by what tablet? antidepressants no ive been on that don't want it anymore there must be something out there to help people like us! we can never go through life like this i have a small child and when i feel sick i don't wan her around me as i just cant stand not being strong enough to play with her or just go on with her, guys im asking just your in put or relation to how im feeling today... this is whats in my mind.. i haven't thought about what im writing i just typed... :(

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Hey Angelpie:)

You are normal my love:)

Totally get you. What you are experiencing is Anxiety.

Trust what the doctors tell you, you are ok:)

Last year I was in a complete mess had all the symptoms and more. Since then I've had cbt which worked wonders for me.

Also look into Mindfulness... There're lots of websites on this such as headspace and

I do this twice a day and then when I need it.... Not looked back:)

Don't get me wrong, I still get some bad days but no where as bad.

This site and another on this forum called living with anxiety which if you scroll down you will find directories ... Look in there....

We are a friendly bunch:)

Hope this helps:) xxx


hi love :) thank you so much for your response it means alot to me... that someone is hearing me you know.. i will definitely go onto that sites now thanks you so much there's something so calm about you which i love.. i just hope it rubs off soon :) thanks so much for response xxx


Hey Hun:)

When you get stressed remember this:

Forget yesterday for it has forgotten you.

Don't sweat about tomorrow,you've not meet yet.

Instead open your eyes to a precious gift... Today:)

Take care xxx


Can i ask you what is cbt?


Yeah sure,

It's basically training your brain to think in a more positive way.

There is a very good book which I can recommend called "Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies"

It has loads of stuff in there that can help:)

You can get this from most book shops but I got mine from Amazon.

CBT is an excellent way together with Mindfulness to get back on track. Xxx



I absolutely understand what your saying and yes it makes you feel like a crazy person. But it's anxiety and know that you aren't "crazy" and that some of us have gone/are going through what you describe :)

I get the looks from my family everytime something is wrong and I bring it to their attention.

My aunt was exactly the same maybe even worse she turned to her church and now she's this peaceful woman that you wouldn't even of guessed what she's been through.

Others go through therapy

Others take meds

Others just need a minor break from their hectic lives for some much needed rest.

Talking about it helps your always welcomed to vent and say what you want here.




Thanks so much Yummimummi :) really nice of you too give me such helpful links God bless you.


You're welcome:) x


aww so sweet alwaysafraidyaz those words really helped me too.. just shows we all different and there's different ways that we can live with it :) im just glad im not alone, i will definitely try o do one of those... i think i just need a break i am a bit stressed :)


I am getting to this post late so I apologize, but wanted to let you know that you are definitely not alone and that there are those of us that are just as angry. Angry that the thought of being alone terrifies me in case I have an attack that causes a medical emergency (has never happened), angry that I don't trust myself to be alone with my toddler in case I start having another attack and pass out while he has no one in the house but me, angry that I live each day wondering when the next big one will happen, because lately they have been blindsiding me, and most of all angry that I have this beautiful little boy and a loving husband and all I can do is live inside my own head each day. I feel all of your same symptoms and have experienced attacks since a child, but these ones lately feel like something is actually killing me and I don't feel like I am recovering from them anymore. I feel the lingering head pressure and vision disturbances long after my breathing has gotten under control and I am able to start thinking and talking straight again. Its just so discouraging when you are spiraling and everyone is telling you that you are medically healthy. How can someone that feels how we are feeling be healthy?

This isn't a mental illness that is in our minds, our minds are wreaking havok on our bodies and leaving us to pick up the pieces the best we can. I am new to the medication scene and do not like how I am with it or the effects, and for someone with health anxiety it is difficult to take a daily medication that you know can have terrible side effects. Every twinge or sensation to me is a reason to panic. I've started therapy, but my life is nowhere near stressful enough to find a trigger to learn to avoid or control, so I am left knowing that its just who I am. And knowing that there is no determinate way out leaves you lost and once again, angry.

I hope you find comfort in knowing that we are out here, and that we are making it, and that if we aren't feeling progress at this point at least we can talk about it.


wow .. thanks you so much for the response.... wow reading your reply i thought for a moment it was me... i'm glad there's people out there who knows what i'm talking about because if you tell your husband or family what you feeling they look at you like your craze then just ignore you..... but i'm just taking one day at a time i don't even complain to them anymore because they do not know what its like.. i will rather confide in this site where there are people who really understands :)


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