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I need help and I dont know what to do, ive been suffering from severe anxiety for over a year now, been thru gp and am on meds, i've been reffered to the community mental health team 4 times with no response, it keeps getting worse, i cannot even go outside my front door without feeling like i'm going to throw up, I'm a single mum to a nrly 10 year old boy, I have an aggravated prolapsed disc in my lumbar spine so mobility is a problem, I'm on my own, no support from family, only one friend who is trying to help but suffers from mental health issues herself so I always feel like i'm taking advantage, I can't do housework as am in too much pain which makes me feel worse, please pease I need help and i feel so alone


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  • Hi & welcome

    Everyone knows on here what it is like to suffer with anxiety , so you are not alone

    I no what its like not been able to go out , I dont go out often myself & when I do its a performance & like you I wind myself up so much , I feel ill by the time I leave the door & cant wait till i get home , as that is where I feel safe , that is where anxiety has took me , in a circle starting with anxiety , then fear & on it goes

    It must be hard a single mum , no family for support & mobility problems , cant help much with the anxiety hun

    I no you are on meds , & have been reffered which you feel hasnt worked , sometimes it can take several attempts & different meds till we find what works for us , I would go back & ask for a review , & tell them you need more help & what can they do , dont take no for an answer , if you have a fear of going out , mental health team can come to you

    Have you asked GP about support in the house , you used to be able to get some , I no things have changed , but as you have a 10 year old son , you need someone to support you in the home , even if its just a couple of hours a week , if you are in pain , they should provide this , nowadays you have to ask & push , which is hard when you suffer , as we dont feel we have the strength , but if we dont they will not offer the help , that i would hope there would be for you

    Keep using this site & join in , lovely people , & good advice , someone may see your post later & give you some better advice , but there is always a listening ear , which when we feel as we do goes along way




  • I just feel like ive been screaming for help for so long only to be ignored, I just lost my bf because he couldnt cope with how ive spiraled out of control, I cant open my post, I cant answer my phone or even open my curtains, I'm terrified, ive been phoning people only to get ignored so now when I go to pick up my phone to make that call again I put it down, I can't cope with these empty promises from the people who are meant to be helping me, my panic attacks are extreme, with stroke like symptoms, convulsions and slurred speech, vomiting and gasping for breath. I get extreme migraines when I attempt to do anything, even when doing my shopping online, that can take over 4 hours as that sends me into a panic, I end up just switching off, hiding under a blanket all day, watching films and just forgetting tht there is a real world out there, it's the only way that it numbs everything, I care for my son, he gets everything he needs and more, he's doing well at school and is a happy sociable individual, who will help me when I need it, doing chores ect. I just dont know how much more of this I can take, I dont want to feel like this, and in the past I have been able to pul myself thru situations that even the strongest of people have trouble wondering how I managed I just cant do it this time, I dont know where to turn any more

  • Keep screaming love , dont let them ignore you

    I get migraines to , so all your symptoms are like anxiety gets us

    Set small tasks , every day , just little ones , like for today I will leave my curtains open , just for today , blog you have done it & we will give you a hoorahy !!! then when you feel ok with that as you will do , then maybe you could a day at a time open your mail & so on , I am not saying this is to be done all at once , but if you take the smaller things & work on them one at a time , then the rest will come

    Its slow , there is no hurry with this , but we need to start taking little steps , no matter how small

    None of us are strong suffering with anxiety , but once we start taking those little steps we can be very suprised how strong we can be , this illness can make us forget

    Spend a week doing on line shopping , i do , say if shop comes on a Monday , then I will start doing nxt one on tuesday & just keep going back to it during week , doing bits at a time , that takes the pressure of




  • I used to suffer from severe anxiety attacks and I got to the stage when I was terrified of leaving the house or going to any public places. I used to feel like everything was out of my control. They can be really frightening. My suggestion in the first instance would be to realise that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are so many people out there who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. With regard to going out of the house, set yourself small targets - maybe just getting to the end of the street or a particular point in the street (mailbox, lamp post for example) and build up your confidence. YOU CAN DO THIS! and each step forward will build your confidence. Don't get upset if you struggle sometimes - somedays will be easier than others. And don't give up on the doctors - it's their job to help you. Good luck

  • You must ask your doctor or social services (or even ask citizens advice) if there is any help available................I you feel this is to much maybe you could ask someone to ask for you..............under the circumstances they may even come to your house to speak to are in crisis you need help NOW......don,t be afraid there will be something out there that will give you breathing space but unfortunately they will not come knocking on your door and you will find.......... so phone for help now..........god bless .........stde (after you read this I hope you do find the strenght to take action, it will pay off)

  • please try changing gp........i had to change mine becouse he just didnt have time for mental health. x

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