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Think I need serious help

I feel I need to start therapy session as I can't deal with the whole anxiety I have 24/7. I worry about the slightest thing. Worst is my health, I'm convinced I'm seriously ill and will die. Slight small pain or breathlessness and I think I'm gonna die. I'm scared to go outside as I think what If something happens. I have really bad social anxiety too, always need someone to go anywhere with me or I won't do it myself and get panicked when i need to answer a phone which I usually avoid anyway. I have to ask for reassurance constantly too about almost everything.

I can't sleep at night either no matter how tired I am I just can't sleep and all I do is think about how much my life sucks. I only fall asleep as i see light outside my window in the morning.

I also get really angry all the time, i feel like the slightest thing makes me angry. And sometimes when it gets really bad I just want to hurt whoever I'm angry at but instead i leave to my room and just punch my bed or something hard until I hurt my knuckles.

I honesty feel like I need to admit myself into a mental hospital so I can get away from everyone and everything and maybe get help.

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I feel your pain believe me. I told my mom & boyfriend I sometimes feel like I need to check myself into a hospital because I'm not sure how much more I can seriously take. I definitely have health anxiety & Google everything. I'm convinced I have cancer I just feel like crap mostly everyday all day. I'm definitely not the person I once was that's for sure. I hope you feel better! 😊


Ugh Health anxiety is the worst. I'm convinced I will get a heart attack and sometimes when my arm goes numb or side of the face I think I'm about to have a stroke

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Hi Angiecis22, this sounds like severe anxiety disorder. What concerns me is the anger. It sounds like it has built up enough to possibly cause harm. Right now you control it by going to your room but what if you didn't??

I think getting therapy is very important to your welfare as well as those around you. Let the doctors do a work up to see if you need in patient therapy. Your anxiety is pretty all encompassing and needs to be address. I'm glad you feel you need help, that's a beginning step. I wish you well. Please keep us updated on your progress. x


You're right maybe one day I won't control it and hurt someone and i don't wanna do that.

The only problem with therapy is embarrassment. I always hated getting help so to me that's like being weak. And what will my family think. That's all I worry about.


You know at one time that was the case. It was something people just held in for fear of embarrassment and family being ashamed. It's not like that anymore. Everyday you read that there are people in the lime light who suffer from bipolar, anxiety, depression. They are wanting it to be made known that it is nothing to shy away from anymore than having Diabetes or Cancer or any other number of health issues. This just happens to be a mental issue. We are human, we are affected both mentally and physically.

If this isn't controlled and addressed, the possibility of someone getting hurt including yourself would be more devastating to your family. Please rethink getting help. x


Hey, things will get better. I deal with depression, severe anxiety and panic attacks my therapist told me you have to do healthy things for yourself to help your self image. I am on a new medicine çelexa I'm hoping this one will work. Anyways my therapist just suggested to me about going to intense outpatient therapy. It's also called IOP call your mental health or behavioral to see about getting help. They told me to can go 3 days a week for 3 hours for 6 weeks.its suppose to help with our issues. I am going for my consul Wednesday. I really need the help. Mine is in my insurance network. Check it out and keep us updatef


I don't think you would like hospital. Undignified, untrustworthy full of very odd behaving people. You may come out worse than you went in


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