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I've had anxiety for about a year now and I'm only just turned 18 last week. I need help I feel like I can't cope my depression is so bad I constantly feel like i am having a heart attack the pains in my chest is so bad. I can't breathe I am shaking so badly. These stupid thoughts running through my head I feel insane. I need help ! Please someone help me my heart is beating so fast I can't stop shaking my thoughts are killing me (not actually killing me) I feel like I'm dying every time I feel this way


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  • Try focusing on your breathing. Slow breaths (i know it sounds stupid but it does work). For me writing down what I am feeling in the moment does help. just put it in words. When you calm down those feelings have so much less power over you. When anxiety gets very bad immerse your self in a distraction (reading a book, playing a video game, coloring/ drawing) something that requires your attention watching tv/ movie is too passive it will allow your mind to wander. Always remember if it does get really bad to talk about it. Hope this helps.

  • It does help. Knowing someone feels the same does help me to I don't know why but when it does happen I love talking to someone to be there so I can tell them my feelings and I just blabber on and on

  • It is not blabbering on and on. Never think that talking about what you are going through as blabbering because it is not. You are getting the weight off your chest which is a good thing. If and when things get bad you can talk to me.

  • Just with me being at such a young age my friends just never seem to care or understand I am losing a LOT of people :( and thank you this website is making my life a whole lot easier knowing a lot of people feel the same sometimes I think it's just me x

  • Just take it one day at a time. True friends stay around regardless of what you are going through. That has been my personal experience. Always remember to talk especially thing your having a bad day.

  • I don't think I have anyone at the minute it just makes me feel a whole lot worse. You have made me feel a lot better thanks so much

  • I have one regret that I didn't journal my thoughts earlier. When I was in high school my anxiety was unbearable but I got through it (some days i didn't think i had the strength). What I'm trying to say that even on days where it seems impossible it is possible to get through that day.

  • I have been batteling for years ,deep Breathing exercises work, also talk yourself through it even if you have to look in mirror, tell yourself that you have felt this feelings before, and were okay,

  • I tell myself that all of the time sometimes it's weird because I feel different every time I know it's just anxiety but it is so hard !!! I just wish it would go

  • Many people, unless experience it have a hard time understanding it, I'm 38 many of my friends and family, Just tell me to snap out of it. Not that easy, i would love to just snap out of them

  • My friends just tell me breathe but it's not so much that I suffer with its just the heart racing and body shaking that scares me. My heart beats so so fast it's so hard to understand how to not think about it in a bad way

  • Before I realized it was anxiety, I would run to the emergency room, I would think I was having heart attack, or something really bad, I still get them a lot, I just try and try each time to get through, Not easy, but you can train your brain not to panic when you feel like this

  • They usually pass within an hour or so, talking to people helps, some meditation, focus object small enough to hold sometimes works

  • Yeah I love just talking to someone about it. But I'm anxious always on a night time so weird

  • Yeah I know thank you! I still run all over the house thinking I'm having a heart attack I just don't know what do do with myself

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