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Help please!

Please help me, I'm going out of my mind. I have been suffering health anxiety for a few months now ever since I started getting heart flutters. I have had a 24 hour ecg & been told I am fine but since then I have been on a rollercoaster of anxiety-related symptoms. I won't go in to all of them as the list is too long but the most recent symptom I have been told is anxiety is a feeling of a lump in my throat, a popping like sound when swallowing (doesn't happen when drinking or eating) but this has been going on for a few weeks, even when I am not feeling particularly anxious. My throat is also dry & does feel sore at times. I have also started belching in my throat like little bubbles in my throat which sometimes clears the lump feeling but it comes back. The tightening sensation in my throat & feeling of a lump comes & goes & does generally get worse at night. However I am aware of it during the day too. I am so scared. I did mention it to my GP but he didn't look at my throat, just said it was globus (feeling of a lump.) When I was there I was actually discussing something else I was worried about & only mentioned it at the end of the appointment. I have been officially diagnosed with health anxiety but please can anyone help to reassure me that may have suffered something similar with severe anxiety. I am also perimenopausal. I had hormone bloods recently to confirm this due to irregular periods. Thank yo

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Wow, I'm going thru the same thing, pretty scary but it will pass, I really think this is caused by menopause 😔Our hormones are out of whack, going to try hormone therapy . Praying this all passes soon.

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Thank you for your reply :) Yes the anxiety itself may be due to perimenopause. What is hormone therapy?


Hi your not alone , it's okay you will be fine. I have that awful lump and throat feels tight . Don't worry I was told it was anxiety . I had it for like 6 months straight and it drove me nuts . I'm not talking any meds right not for it. I've learned to mentally control it . I know how horrible and hopeless it makes you feel . The more you worry about it the worst it gets . They telling your self it will pass it's just your anxiety. Remind yourself that and stop thinking too much about it. I've started crafting and it's helped me alot . I do get it now and them but I've been doing well mentally. Try meditation in the mornings and take deep breaths . Every time you start feeling anxiously practice 10/15 deep breaths , as u do that tell your self to relax everything going to be fine . Think positive about everything you do , you have to relax. I know it's hard but I do this and it helps me , it just takes practice . Always believe in yourself and if you feeling anxiety tell your self it will pass you can do it . What your feeling is normal I also that it was crazy and awful . What also helps me Is prayer , once I start feeling I'm sinking in I start to pray. Hope you feel better !


Hi thanks for your reply. Glad I am not alone! Do you notice the popping sort of feeling when swallowing? My sister says its like a crunching for her & it's normal &it's just I am noticing things far more because of the anxiety? I do know being anxious causes a dry mouth too. This really is taking it's toll on me :(


Yes hope u feel better , don't forget to tell your doctor everything you feel . It's like the more anxious you feel the tighter your throat gets. Try to relax . Sometimes my throat feels so tight I can't even eat , I start thinking I'm going to choke , even though I don't it's all in your head . Hope you feel better .


Oh you're not alone at all, you will find that as you talk to people about this you will find even a lot of your friends have been through it or have it. I've been dealing with it for 30 years now, my father passed away 1985 and my anxiety was triggered that day. it scared me so bad because I never felt these feelings. I was having some time up to 20 panic attacks a day and the more I would have the more scared I would get causing even more. I've been to every kind of Dr thinking I was dying. So I know the feelings. Please try to keep yourself busy. Read books on Anxiety, go for walks, get around people that has had these feelings. But don't sit and wait to get better because it will get worse. I know you're probably thinking "But I Can't Do anything" because you want to feel better. but do a little every day you will get better I promise you that. Have a good day.


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