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so i've been going through a lot for the past couple months, i missed a period due to being so stressed in work and also had a breast cancer scare

since then my anxiety has been so high I'm so scared I'm going to end up in a mental home. I've made myself physically sick, I've got headaches and nausea from this i feel like i can't cope even with mild stress i start breaking down crying. i feel dizzy and my legs are shaky and weak. can anyone relate to me? i was on medication before but i just hated how the side effects made me feel. i can't have time off work because i work for my family and i worry about being anxious and work which i am right now. is there seriously something wrong with me do i need to go into a mental home? is there any sufferers out there that are dealing with anxiety without medication?


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  • Hi fionaleung21, I don't think there are any of us who hasn't thought that we might belong in a "mental home". As you know, anxiety can cause you to become chronically sick if it is not taken care of either through medication or therapy. You say you don't like how meds make you feel and yet you can't take time off work. The cycle of fear keeps going round and round until you find something that will stop it. Right now you are stuck. Many of us feel that way and can stay that way for years unless we take the necessary step to move forward. There are other methods besides meds if you are that against it. You need to talk with a doctor about therapy which I think will lower your anxiety levels. Once you see where it's coming from and how to address it, you can work on this on your own. Right now you need that extra push. Good Luck..I know how bad it can be. It won't always be like this. You have to have some direction in getting better.

  • it really does make me feel better knowing I'm not alone, and everything your saying is right I'm going round in a viscous circle. I decided to do the right thing and try out therapy they said they would call me to do a 40 minutes assessment maybe to see where i am ect the appointment was booked and everything, then the day came nobody called so i decided to call and see what had happened. apparently they did call me and now i have to wait 3 months to rejoin as i missed the appointment when i didn't even get the phonecall, i asked if they could do something due to my circumstances and the person was so rude he was saying how i am not special and everyone is going through the same as me i didn't even find the strength to argue back i couldn't take the stress. so right now I'm just reading books to heal myself while i wait till i can join again :(

  • fionaleung21, it's unforgivable how people who work in mental health or medical health can talk to patients as they do. I am sorry your appointment is now put out to 3 months. The book from Dr. Claire Weekes is a good one to start with as well as using YouTube for additional info as well as 10 min respite on relaxing the mind and body. I usually type in Audio Relaxation/Imagery/Deep Breathing. You will be surprised at how much this helps but it needs to be done daily. You can't wait until the symptoms are so severe and then turn to it. It needs to come to you automatically by practicing each and every day. Of course continue using the forum for support and understanding. My best.

  • I agree, and once i get better or find myself in a better place I'm looking to report that person. thank you so much for taking your time to talk to me and give me your advice, even reading your comment has made me feel a tiny bit better i don't feel so alone anymore. i hope you are ok too and know that i am here anytime when you need a chat.

  • fionaleung21, ironically the same thing happened to my daughter the other day. The doctor's office left her a message saying THEY had to cancel her appointment next week because the doctor will be away. When she called back, the receptionist was demeaning and cruel and said there was nothing until May. When my daughter tried to explain but the office cancelled she hadn't, the receptionist got even meaner in tone. Implying that she wasn't the only one. This was a kidney specialist's office. I've worked in so many areas of the medical field so I feel I can say this is unacceptable to talk with patients like this. Understanding and showing empathy is important in any job but more so with people who are already hurting.

    We will be here for you at the forum.

  • Yes. I don't take medication and have moments when it's really difficult. It can be so bad it's paralysing at times and I can go from feeling OK to feeling completely mad in about 10 seconds. Don't think you need to be in a home. Sounds to me like you would really benefit from speaking to someone. I hope you feel better soon. It helps me when I think that I am not always like this and things do get better xxx

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