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I dont no what to do anymore


i have been suffering from this for years. only this past year its gotten worse.. my husband tells me its all in my head but it feels so much more. i am constantly thinking im dying or im gonna die. i have dizziness, blurred vision, i cant breathe half the time i feel like im suffercating. plus headaches and my whole body goes numb and its like i cant feel my body or my legs go numb and i feel like im gonna drop. i have hot and cold flashes im tired all the time.. somtimes i will get pain in my chest. this is just way too scary to deal with and im constantly thinking that somthing more is wrong and i still to this day hope nothing is wrong but my father and sisters are dealing with the same thing panic disorder.. this gets even worse when im out in a public place. i just dont know what to do anymore.. Is this really panic disorder or is there somthing else wrong with me. i keep worrying that there is.

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Hi love. None of us can say there is nothing wrong with you. Only medical professionals can answer that. What i can say is everything you described is typical symptoms. Of health anxiety . I have suffered over 35yrs with panic/anxiety . My mother. Father . Sister and both my daughters all suffered . If you haven't already tried CBT i suggest you ask your Gp for a referral . I can't say Dont worry because i know that dont work. I know these feelings are terrifying and you are convinced your going to die . No one has ever died of a panic attack. CBT is the answer good luck x

Hi, I am going to ask the obvious question which is have you seen your Doctor yet about these feelings that you are experiencing. If you saw a Doctor then they should refer you to a Consultant who hopefully will help you. I see a Consultant about my awful anxiety and have been helped with my depression and take 3 x 5mg Diazapam per day and a beta blocker if the anxiety gets really bad and my Consultant is only a telephone call away which is great. I do understand where you are coming from as I suffer badly but that is all I can suggest. I do wish you well and get your illness sorted out as it is dreadful living with anxiety and no help. Take care and have a good day. Sundayschild10 xxx

You sound as if you have a really understanding doctor. Are you in the uk. My doctor is not helpful and would appreciate some help. I live in Medway, Kent uk.

I've had all those symptoms too. Please go to your doctors and ask for CBT. It really does help. In the meantime your doc might offer you tablets to take the edge off. This is up to you...I prefer without, but if desperate them they can help. Also get online and look up guided relaxation, this helps use your breathing to calm you. Good luck and hang in there xxx

Hi Kitty,

I'm sure your husband is right, and he dosent mean it flippantly when he says it, I have suffered the same as you for most of my live I'm 52 next month it's like living in terror most of the time waiting for something bad to happen or serious illness to strike, as I suffer from health anxiety, so when I wake up my cycle starts. So your hubby is probably right and will say that to reassure you but when you are in the middle of one of these episodes your rational thinking goes out of the window.

Try CBT through drs if you can this helps to rationalise your thoughts I also have red light therapy for relaxation and mood if you can find collagen beds in your area and afford it it is a real boost and helps me... But my gremlin is usually somewhere in the background it's learning to ignore him (the negative thoughts and impending voice of doom) hope this helps..... You are not alone believe me x



I don't think we have spoken before so hello and welcome to the site.

I cant really say much more than the above replies which all give good advice about going to see your doctor about how you are feeling for more support.

I am a over thinker big time and I feel this is what you are doing, this takes lots of time and energy and can make us physically ill. Such as you say dizziness cant breathe etc .

We need to focus our minds away from this the best way we can, such as taking a moment to concentrate on our breathing to calm and relax not only the body but the mind. There are lots of sites on the web that show how to do this. I have one I use called Headspace and it talks you through a ten minute routine. Another member on here told me about it.

Please keep posting on here for support as you are not alone.

Hi there, im no doctor but sounds like your having panic attacks. You need to see a doctor, will be hard for you but its not all in your head. My ex used to tell me the same and it made me worse but I've just started on my medication after years of plucking up the courage to go to the doctors, wish I'd gone sooner. I'm finally starting to look forward now after years of being stuck in one place, im a single mum now too but im happier than I was, a doctor will help alot and discuss options which would suit you. Good luck.x

Im suffering to your not alone I've had chest pain every day now for over a year. I've had heart monitors fitted, ecg's all came back ok. I still keep waking up every morning I also feel like I'm going to die in the night but I keep going. I was told on this site that anxiety can cause all sorts of physical symptoms but it won't harm you. Go to the doctors for help & reassurance take care hope your feeling better xx .

Hello Kitty,

The very first thing I always say before anything is that you make sure you have had a full medical from your GP. You need to have had blood tests, ECG, etc so that you can at least know that it's not physical and you are not going to die. If your GP has prescribed meds then take them when you are supposed to and always follow his advice. All I can really do is tell you what happened to me. I am now 60 and have been suffering since I was 7. Rotten childhood (only child), divorce, separation from children, illness, surgery, loss of loved ones, etc., have all taken their toll and I have suffered and still do as you are now. It seems to run in your family as it did mine, (my mother). I lost my parents when I was 20 and it's still hard, even though they gave me such a rough time. They were after all, my parents, and all I had. I could go on but one thing I know helped me was reading the books written by Dr. Claire Weekes about anxiety. She explained why all the physiological symptoms made them appear to be real and physical. I suggest you race to the nearest book store and sit down and read them. The help make you understand why your brain plays tricks on you and why it makes you so scared. Once you realise this you then have a better understanding why you feel the way you do. Try this first and understand. Then you can move on with the real problem which sounds to me just like anxiety and panic. Hope the books help.

Same with me.. I'm considering going to a doctor.



Like most everyone else, I encourage a doctor's visit for a full consult. After everything checks out as normal (as your husband believes it will) ask for a consultant. While you are waiting, some things to try and calm down, write down your irrational thought and then write down the rational thought--the one found true by your doctor. Every time you have that irrational thought, focus on what the rational thought is. Put your mind on a calming thought and focus on the rational thought. "I am fine, I am going to be okay. The doctor found nothing wrong." Now, just because the doctor didn't find anything wrong doesn't mean there isn't a chemical imbalance causing you to think unclearly. It means he did not find any life threatening ailment that would cost you your life. The consultant will help greatly.

Thank you I am planning on going to my doctor to see what's up I hope I am just over thinking and it is this panic disorder. Thanks guys

You poor thing this sounds !ike total panick attacks and anxiety ,dont suffer like I did for years go and get some medication and counciling ,I feel a lot better now I no you can't die of anxiety, its a normal feeling to stop us doing dangerous things,or to get us out of tricky situations ,its just that for some of us it gets out of hand and needs help you will be fine x

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