i want to go out tonight but ughh dont know what should i dont know

my friend invited me out for a little while but head feels wierd like its trying to control me or something jut afriad start making my heart start going fast dont know what should i do this is really a big thing in my life just because of it changed my lifestyle been like this for four months already but its hard been trying.


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  • I'm the same way, i used be full of life and now I'm home all the time and when I do go out somewhere I feel like a zombie. I also get those heart palpitations that scare the crap out of me since they like to pop up in the most random time even in my sleep just as I'm waking up for the day with is 5am and that does me in I'll have a bad day. I'm trying to stay positive and it helps a bit I have moments where i start feeling like my old self again but I go back to feeling bad ugh I'm so done with it

  • Yeah same i just left my house i feel a little shaky like my heart wants to beat fast but im trying to control you know that feel like you just wanna go nuts and start to bug out like exlerating like your heart just wanna go fast a nervous feeling

  • You'll be fine just take nice deep breaths. Remember you'll be home in awhile and you'll feel better again.

    When I first went through this my house was my safe zone but this time atround it seems like I don't have one so I go through it everywhere.

    Making that first step is progress have fun and forget about anxiety

  • yeah hard felt like it was just wanted to hit me so hard just now even my feet started to tingling and felt my heart trying to speed up

  • Do you also the hard ireggular heart beats?

  • yeah

  • Those also a sensation that comes from anxiety I've been having those for years. They come and go but lately when I got in this funk again I magnified them and now I'm so scared of them that they are more intense. It's crazy how you can train your brain to think your sick and your start getting all these symptoms

  • yeahh i think im going back home i cant take it i feel so nervous my throat so dry

  • im so nervous right now like alot i dont not how to relax

  • Just go through it so you can see that at the end of it you'll be fine man

  • im trying its hard i feel so nervous and shaky bro idk why like this a powerful thing and my heart was racing soon as i got on the bridge

  • I to have gone through it. I remember this one time that I was driving and I had a panic attack at the wheel. My heart started racing my hands got really sweaty and with a super hot feeling and my hands were frozen almost as if I was cripling but as soon as I pulled over and said to myself this is anxiety I'm ok I started to feel better and got to my destination

  • mines is out of control doe

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