Dont know how to handle life

Ok sooo i have some issues with myself and i dont know i cant help but always think im a burden, or annoying, or that no one likes me even though i know sometimes these thoughts a irattional i still cant help but FEEL they must be true i work a regular fulltine job and most of my time during the week is taken up by it but every weekend i go to my buddies apartmebt and chill with him and my friends but not matter what they say or what we do i cant help but feel like they dont like me :/ also i have a constant feeling of lonlieness i really want to be in a relationship but im too socially akward ive never been in an intamite relationship and im 20 for gods sake i just dont know how to change


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  • You should never feel as if you are a burden, or annoying, if the company around out makes you feel as such, reevaluate your relationship with them. You matter and have a purpose to fulfill here on earth, if you are looking for love apply yourself, get out, attend Events, meet people, attend places that peak your interest and and hopefully you can find someone with the same interests as you, hopefully you can develop a relationship based off similar interests. Good luck man I wish you the best and hope all works out for you.

  • I'm sorry to hear your feeling this way, by the way you worded this, you do not sound like an annoying type of person at all, maybe a little insecure about yourself though .20 us young do don't worry about a relationship, that will come in time, I understand socially awkward, I was very socially awkward and know quite a few, and I think at times I still am but just don't show it. I just put myself out there and try to keep in the conversations going on. However smaller groups are easier. But I'm sure you are liked very much , you are just overthinking this. Go have some fun and don't worry about that relationship thing ,that will fall into place

  • Hi there Jbjosh, so you've kind of Sussed your having irrational thoughts about things.if your friends didn't like you then they wouldn't be your friends anymore!! They wouldn't welcome you round to hang out with them!! You sound like a really nice young man and your a bit insecure about yourself. Your still only young and I know what your saying about having a relationship but it just means you haven't met the right person yet. Do you have time for hobbies? I'm just thinking maybe you could go to a class to do something you enjoy and maybe you might meet someone there who enjoys the same thing(s) it's a good start if you meet someone who has something in common with you because it gives you something to talk about. I keep going on about hypnosis apps but they do help some people. They helped me. A lot of them are free, you can get them for anxiety and confidence. Try and see if they help. If not then you've lost nothing. Hope you have a good day 🙏🏻

  • You sound depressed and maybe have social anxiety , have you been to a health professional ? I think you need to donto doctor and tell them every thing you feel. Don't be embarrassed and be honest. They have heard a lot worse. They should give you help and if they can't they should refer you to psychological or psychiatrist who will be able to help with medication and some sort of therapy. Maybe one to one but most often as not it will be in a group where you don't have to say anything if you don't want to, but you will be amazed How many others in the group are feeling exactly like you. As far as relationships go. You will find that when you start liking yourself people will be attracted to you so don't worry about that. Twenty is more common these days as a relationship is more full on than used to be so you need to be ready for that and not everyone is till they are more mature. In my day you held hands, kissed goodnight till you got to know and trust the other person before it would develop in to something more intimate, these days the getting to know someone bit is done after the intimacy part . So much more pressure. ! Hope this helps x

  • That comes from lack of confidence and self esteem. You won't make it very far in life with those thoughts. You are worthy, and technically it doesn't matter what other people think. However, I assure you your friends like you because they keep you around. Are they nice when you're there? You have to start saying out loud that people do like you, you're a good person, you are worthy. Eventually it goes down into the heart and you fully believe it and you'll have changes. Start being positive about yourself and I promise everything will change. Whatever you want to see change, start speaking like it already is.

  • Hi! Bless you! It definitely sounds like social anxiety and depression. Go talk to your Dr about it asap. They can refer you somewhere for CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). You're so young and have your entire life ahead of you......Your friends are your friends because they like you. Maybe you could try talking to them too about how you feel, that way they can reassure you. Relationships will come when it's the right time and there's plenty of that for you. Please don't isolate yourself, keep going out and to your mates at the weekends etc. You don't mention family. If there's anyone close to you that you feel you could open up to then must do it! Every single being on this Earth has worth, you included...... Dont give up! X

  • You sound a lot like me... don't know what to say except you're not alone I guess :/ x

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