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Dear everyone,

I feel a little uncomfortable about writing a blog. I feel a little uncomfortable about starting to talk about my feeling. I feel as if i need to go slow and let things come when it is the right time. I can feel myself getting a little emotional whilst writing this, a little tearfull.

I am starting to 'find myself' a little bit following councelling. The person I am hides or is not keen to come out which means i am not always aware of him. He will come out a little bit morein due course with more councelling.

At the moment I am struggling a bit with the person that I have been and the person that i am. The person that i am is reluctant in nature,possibly a little unsure of himself, possibly a little bit reserved, however wants to discover things.

I am now wondering whether part of my anxiety has been caused by my unawareness of the person that i am.

lots of love,


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Hi Marcus,

From my own 7 year experience,it s true.As you go,you discover a lot more about yourself and change your view about life.You should surround yourself only with love.You realize that there is nothing else important.The theraphy is important and it works faster than medicen.If you use your anxiety you will soon find out that, it'll make you get rid of most of the bad things in your life.Think of it as an early warning system.

Love and happiness


Dear Neverthere,

Thank you for your feedback. I like what you have written a lot. Thank you. I wish you love and happiness also.




Hi Marcus, I think I've heard counselling described as peeling back the layers of an onion! you are finding your true self under the person that you have felt safe to show to the world. Counselling can be hard but I think ultimately rewarding. I wish you all the best with it.


Dear Kaz,

Thank you very much indeed.

KIndest regards,



Hi Marcus

I understand your fear , but its exciting as well as you can feel the you that is there trying to come out & you will slowly get there , as I see you doing so already ,

I no there already is a lovely young man in you & look forward as you progress seeing the rest , you have alot to offer & there should be more young men like you & this world would be a nicer place





Dear Whywhy,

Thank you. You are lovely sweetheart.

Lots of Love,



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