Docs talking of increasing my citalopram dose

Ok, so ive been having 20mg of citalopram for 5 weeks tomorrow for severe anxiety and moderate depression which made me agraphobic. Ive improved drastically and can go out now and anxiety has improved no end. Still not sleeping and this has been the case since the beginning of january when i first became ill. Saw the doctor 2 weeks ago and he asked how i felt about increasing me to 40mg of citraopram and i said howcome as ive only had 20mg for 3 weeks and he said they only just start to kick in at 3 weeks and 6 weeks for full effect so he said come back and see me in 2 weeks which is tomorrow when i go... and im nervous, not sure if i should have my meds increased, i feel not better but much much better then i was. Just feel tired as no sleep for almost 3 months and like braindead as im a pretty intelligent person but im off work at the moment as unable todo my job due to this and although im able todo simple things like cook a meal etc it takes so much brain power and concentration now. Can anyone offer me advice/support as to this situation.


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  • Hi,I feel for you regarding sleep,I have suffered all my life with insomnia even before this anxiety thing.Medically induced sleep is not like the natural thing but I appreciate the need.My Doctor gave me Zopiclone for sleep,I don't think they work for me.Sure,I fall asleep but wake within the hour and never get up feeling fresh,thats just me.As others have written,you need to find the root cause,like me,you probably don't have a clue why it started.Being intelligent is no help,I have over thought every possible reason,diet,lifestyle,job,divorce(ten years ago!)previous sins,over training the list is endless.The bottom line is that I do not know and have decided to speak to an expert who may find the answers,we will see.Take care.

  • Hi I started on citalopram last year I had been on it before and it sorted me out but this time it didn't I started on 10mg and was increased to 40mg but I couldn't sleep day or night and had to be signed off work. I couldn't eventually cook a meal and though I was going crackers! Talk to your doctor and tell him/her everything that's going on I switched to mirtazapine and I finally got some sleep and slowly started to function again. Meds do take time to work just make sure you tell your doc what's going on then he can work out what's best good luck hun hope you feel better soon love eve x

  • Thankyou, will try and write a list for the doc now so when i go in a bit i know what i want to say, thanks for your comments they do make me feel a bit better.

  • well thought i'd report back, doc says im ok to stay on 0mg as responding well, he have me some sleeping pills (low dose) for 3 weeks and says i may be able to return to work in approx 3/4 weeks, fingers crossed xx

  • Brilliant news Good Luck


    Seyi x

  • meant 20mg not 0 mg lol...Good luck everyone with your battle too xx

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