Exchanging Letters/E-Mail for Anxiety/Panic Attacks/Anything

Lately,I've been suffering from really bad anxiety/panic attacks and I found out that writing things down/distracting myself takes my mind off my symptoms.

I don't really have anyone that I can talk to about this.My parents brush off my symptoms and my friends don't really get it..so it can get very frustrating at times.

If anyone's keen,I'm open to exchanging e-mails/letters...idk,maybe a way for us distract ourselves and share tips and just talk about things that we can't seem to tell anyone else. Just writing this down is making me feel slightly better..so do drop me a message if you're keen.


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  • Hi,

    I find writing things down also helps me and like to keep myself busy feel free to message me if you want someone to talk to.


  • Hey there,Rach.I'd love to talk...I feel like keeping myself busy is a good way take my mind off things (especially from the worst case scenarios)

  • Yes indeed I have a very tough situation at the minute where my dad has been diagnosed with cancer so I'm trying to occupy myself as much as possible. It's nice to talk with people who understand the feelings with anxiety etc. So where abouts are you from?

  • I'm sorry to hear that.Yeah,distracting yourself and keeping your mind off things is a huge help.It feels like night time is the worst because that's when it's silent.I'm from Singapore...pretty much the smallest country in southeast asia 😂

  • Yeh I know what you mean. My partner is a long distance lorry driver so I'm home alone in the week and once I get in from work my Brain goes into overdrive! Ah cool I see :) I'm from the UK I guessed you were some distance away with the times in which you post :) always nice to speak to people from different places

  • Hi, I am in Brunei. My name is Rachael, and I am all for letters, emails, correspondence. Anxiety is my enemy and I am fed up with it! Love and Blessings all the way.

  • Hi Rachael!I'm Myra :) Wow,our countries are kind not far apart.I'm from Singapore.I'm open to exchanging letters too.Or do you prefer something quicker like e-mails?

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