Dreams affect how I feel when I wake up

Hello, Does anyone else find their dreams affect how they feel when they wake up? I had a lie in this morning as was struggling to get out of bed, which always indicates a bad day. I was dozing and had some awful thoughts/dreams going round in my head. I have a hen do this weekend and in my dream all the girls were telling me how much they hated me and did not want me to come out with them, they were moaning about how little I have seen them all lately and how I spend so much time with my husband (true as he is the only person who seems to understand me when I am anxious) and even my mother was wading in saying how she does not like me etc......

When I finally woke up around 10 I felt awful. Have just been on a big walk and done a bit of shopping to try and distract myself but still feel awful.

I think it must be worries manifesting itself into the dreams.....does anyone else get this?


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  • i get this ! it happens once in a while but since ive been on the meds it has not happened ,i had a few messed up dreams and when i woke i felt terrible ,so ur not alone strugglingmum x

  • Thanks lonestar. It only happens occasionally and even less since I am on the meds, but it really affects my mood for the whole day. It is good to hear I am not alone though, as sometimes I think I am going mad! Karen

  • ur not mad and ur not alone Karen ,im Allan by the way !! i know exactly what ur saying ,ive had a few weird dreams and on waking i would def say they left me a little confused !! chin up ok : ) x

  • Hi, yeah I've had issues with this, I've woken up from a bad dreams (one of those really messed up ones that seem so real and yet are so absurd) and that has triggered panic attacks in the past. Everything also seems so exacerbated when you're half asleep and/or it's the middle of the night, I find i'm at my most vulnerable in terms of getting an anxiety attack then. The dreams can stay with you for ages after too, as you say. I think yo've just got to try and rationalise and tell yourself it isn't real, although i appreciate that isn't easy. But no, you're defintely not alone with this!

  • Yes, I get this all the time and I usually wake up feeling very anxious, very sick and pretty much just want to cry. It doesn't happen like you though, I usually end up waking really early from a nightmare or bad dream then it takes a few hours to calm myself down to get back to sleep. But it does usually define what sort of day I will have.

  • HI, i have the most random dreams that can some times reduce me to tears when i wake, ive had dreams of my boyfriend cheating on me and ive actually avoided him alday becouse of it. they seem so real that some times i think this is all a dream and thats real life. x

  • hi mate

    yes i allso have dreams that can start your day off on the wrong foot but its not very often i get good dreams you just have to see it for what it is a dream .

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