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I feel a little bit like writing

Dear All,

Earlier on this evening I felt a bit like writing therefore I am starting to see what comes out.

My anxiety comes from anger that hasn't been given a voice or that I haven't expressed or let out. I have worked on expressing my anger over the past one and a half years through councelling. I now feel more at ease.


Marcus xxx

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Hi Marcus

I am pleased you felt you wanted to write tonight , I think it can help to write things down & I hope it has made you feel better for doing so

You have been working really hard with your anxiety & it is good when we know where it is coming from as we then can work on it like you have been doing :-)

Thank you for your post :-)





Dear Whywhy,

Thank you for your kind words of acknowledgement.

a hug,

Marcus xxx


Hey Marcus

Thanks for sharing that:)

It really does help go write things down. I keep a journal, I write down everything, how I'm feeling, what's gone on , what I want to do. It really does help. Xx


Dear Yummimummi,

I appreciate your positive reply about keeping a journal. Thank you.

I have been keeping a diary for around two years. I have found it to be helpfull.


Marcus xxx


:) x


Evening Marcus,

Always good to write I reckon. I went through a stage of writing every day, I ended up with about 12 books. Then one day got rid of the lot, I shredded them all and it felt great, I stopped writing for a bit. now I have gone back to it and I find it really does help.

Glad you feel more at ease with yourself. nice to read positive posts.

gardener x


Dear Gardnertwo,

Thank you for the idea of shredding the diaries. I am gratefull.

Thank you for your kind and positive words.

big hugs,

Marcus xxx


Hi Marcus,

It certainly makes you feel better when writing down your thoughts. Also it is good to get rid of the anger as it only festers and makes you ill.

Eunice x


Dear Ecinue,

Thank you for your interesting reply.

warmest regards,

Marcus xxx


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