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Does anyone else worry about their heart?


I have not posted here before. I have suffered with anxiety, mostly related to health for some years now but lately it has reached a state I have never felt. I eventually went to the go two months ago and the tears flooded as I explained how bad I felt. At that point I was suffering from nausea and dizziness. GP checked some things and was very sympathetic. He prescribed me propranolol and also ran some blood tests which showed my iron levels were low so am also on iron tablets now. Can't say these or the beta blockers have made me feel any better and in fact I think it's got worse. I now just feel so anxious and jittery all the time and have become completely obsessed with my heart noticing every beat. It seems pretty fast at time which scares me. Just wondered if anyone else had this? I really need to get over the anxiety as I have two children aged 1 and 3 and feel like I am missing out on them with all thus worry. How can I get better? Should I go back to the gp?

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Hi, i worry so much about my health and the pain ive had with it that that of course i worry about my heart. im having a 48hour heart monitor put on me soon just to be on the safe side. think you should stress to your doctor that you want it checked even just for the reasurance. x


Yes is the answer you should go back to the GP not that i think there is anything major wrong with you , but maybe you need to get your meds changed

Low iron can make you low in yourself & it takes a while for your iron to go back up , which I am sure it will , but maybe the proprandol are not right for you , they wont harm you they just might need changing , so i would have a word , the sooner you go , like tommorrow the better for you , for your peace of mind as much as anything , mean time try not to worry as the heart beat you can feel , anxiety really does give you that symptom & the more you fear it , the more you will focus on it & then the more you feel it & it goes on , but when my children were young i was just the same , I lived in fear something would happen to me & I wouldnt be about to see them grow up , & they are 32 , 26 & 18 now !

I missed out on such alot as the worry took over & when I look back I wish there was the help there is now as I cant get those years back , so please there is help there , take it & enjoy those wonderful children you have & been blessed with

Take this little by little , first stop GP , remember you are not on your own , plenty have & are feeling the way you are , there is help for how you are feeling & you will get stronger

I no your youngest is 1 , but is there a chance that there could be a bit of post natal depression ? thats always something to mention , it can go unmissed

When we get anxious are heart beat does go faster as well , I have felt mine thousands of times !

A 1 & 3 year old can be very tiring as well , & with low iron , this will be taking it out of you , so try & have a break where you can , be kind to yourself , you deserve it !

you will come through this & keep posting how you feel & do let us no how you get on at the GP'S & remember you are not alone on this site , there are so many people on here that have been where you are , welcome

Thinking about you




Its so reassuring to hear similar stories to my own, although i wish none of us had to go through it. I suffer from terrible anxiety specifically about my health. Last year i had a breast scan to rule out breast cancer a heart echo becuase my heart puts in extra beats and had counselling for general anxiety disorder. My heart was fine although i have lots of eptopic (extra beats).but that itself is probably the anxiety. It feels like no one else understands doesn't it? I too have two small children 20 months and 4 and i get so scared that i will die and leave them, my anxiety has worsened since having children, its ruining my time with them, i don't know about you but i really want to change and get better but i don't know how.


You are definatly not alone. I am obsessed with what my heart is doing! I've even had ecgs done because I listen to every beat. I have skipped heart beats from my anxiety which makes things worse, and I too have been put on propranolol. I don't have any answers for you just be strong for your children, it's my daughter who helps me get through the day. And I've only been a member for 2 days but have found there is always someone here to talk to. X

Check my post for the tips regrading heart!!! Xx

Can't believe how much you sound like me!! I started off on propranolol, had an ecg etc etc... my problem was reading the leaflet inside the box and worrying about having a heart attack. I stopped takin the tablets cuz I felt a strain around my heart, which was probably my anxiety anyway... I'm on citalopram which have helped a great deal, not saying I'm cured but I don't tend to 'panic' anymore. Although I'm in college now studying an access course to health and caring, to go onto uni and do nursing next year, we're studying the heart at the min and its quite scary how it works. I suppose studying the body and health problems is makin me a hypochondriac, I already suffer from health anxiety lol x

Yes I am in the same boat! I worry about it all the time everyday. I am 25 and i completely changed my diet to heart healthy foods. I am making a doctors appointment to check up on myself. Anxiety will control you if you let it but I am tired of suffering. I have literally been suffering over this past year. Since I lost my job it's like I have one everyday all day! Horrible!

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