Does anyone else feel like this?

Hi, Does anyone ever feel so anxious they cant cope with any sort of stimulation. I have recently started getting so anxious I cant cope with any sounds or visual stimulation and I cant have anyone touch me. I feel so weird for feeling like this because I've never known anyone get like this before. I used to listen to music or watch a film/tv but I can bring myself to do that anymore.


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  • Yes I have got into the habit of either constantly flicking pages on my lap top not reading anything in particular just got to have it there.Also if I have not got my lap top then I have to have my mobile phone with me all the time I go from facebook to emails then ebay..I cant watch the TV its on but as Im watching it Im just thinking constantly about my anxiety..Your ears do become more sensitive the more anxious you get.Im always telling my son to be quiet any noise just sets me off.Its normal its part of anxiety.....

  • I am so glad I'm not alone in this! I felt really bad for having to stop playing games with my friend online, and felt stupid for starting to watch a dvd but having to constantly keep pausing it cos the noise was too much. Thank you for your reply

  • No problem the more you get to understand the anxiety you will know what the symptoms are .Its awful but we have got to keep going do you take any medication for yours ?

  • No I dont currently. My doctor said he'd rather me try to come to terms with it without meds at the minute

  • Hi Chloefer. I've only recently started to feel like this too and it's the oddest feeling I find. I know what you mean. I struggle to watch films because the noises and the pictures are too much. I do the same as Sharon too. I flick through facebook aimlessly or just flick through my phone without really paying attention to what I'm doing.

  • Yea I'm constantly going through my phone feeling completely restless. I have my net up even when doing things like reading, somehow it makes me feel more connected

  • Hi Chloefer, I find I do exactly the same as all of you, I'm forever attached to my phone, not really concentrating but flicking between apps, mail, fb etc, I have found my ears have become increasingly senstive jus recently, any loud noises really get to me! x

  • God we are all the same lol think we need to find something else to do x

  • Lol but I'm glad I'm not alone felt completely crazy when it first happened :) x

  • Thank you, I feel less crazy knowing I'm not the only one. Even when I go to bed and turn everything off i'm still searching my phone for something but not quite sure what yet x

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