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Enjoying the ride

Coping with anxiety is ultra weird because you would think you have control over your emotions but one day that just slips away.

It's been about 4 months since I joined this site and ever since I've been feeling so much better. And most important in control, yes, I understand or try to understand what is going on. Because of this I no longer think death is near.

Off course some attacks do occur. Last Saturday I was in London watching a play. I was sitting in a balcony, high above the ground, and the seating arrangement was quite tight. I kind felt like I was in a box.

The play started, lights out, theatre doors shut, loud music, then 5 minutes into the play I began to wonder if the theatre doors were locked and if I would be able to get out of there. Plus the fear of heights took over and I started to imagine myself falling from the balcony. Shivers, dizziness, and the usual cold sweat for about 30 minutes but I was able to control it.

I was happy when the interval came and the lights went on so I went outside for a walk. That helped a lot, plus I was able to notice that the balcony wasn't that high at all and that there was another balcony just below. In a nutshell, there was no way I could fall from that balcony.

For the next part of the play I was back again to being carefree and happy and I really enjoyed the night.

In summary, I believe the 'attacks' as a challenge to my emotions, I don't fight it and try to read when my body is saying. Most times it's just because I am either tired or worried.

I would tell others the same thing, no drugs, you can do it yourself.

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I just think it's all about small steps at a time and trying to ride the anxiety through. deep breathing really helps me as does distraction. Don't look at the big picture, too scary, slowly and we will get there. Well done to you.


hi Reggie, what a positive blog. Fantastic that you have found a way to manage your anxiety.


I think the quote from Oprah Winfrey is very good " The better you deal with this moment the easiest the next will be " if you live in the present moment do the best you can the next moment will get a bit easier. When you start looking into the future and asking yourself how will I feel then, you can start to build anxiety and panic. M


Good blog,it makes you feel better and you can do it.(maybe,lol)


Good for you.Working things through at a steady pace is ideal.

As my mum used to say. Don't run before you can walk. (something like that).


Hi reggie, so glad u r fightin this demon but can i jst say that ive had a nervous brkdwn + suffer wiv cripling depression hav jst lft the crisis team after 3mnths, the anxiety has bin so bad that even major tranquilisers havnt hlp me + blieve me i wldnt b ere if it wasnt 4 antidepressants. every1 on this site is putting evey1 in the same box + anxiety comes in many different forms + at very different levels. i was told i was 2 ill 2 hav cbt or any sort of therapy + wen i hav a really bad attack that lst 4 wks i cnt physically sit still in 1 place i jst get a real urge 2 run + this form of anxiety is very distressing, im also jst lyin on the sofa most days unable 2 get out, jst cryin 4 hours + hours none stop, i went frm bein a very strong person 2 som1 like this, in other words i feel like a top athlete whos lost his legs. plse blieve me that theres millions of people ere in the uk who who wld not b ere without medication. so sorry 2 go on but i jst wanted 2 point out that some levels of anxiety can b thought but some do need hlp. my nurse said 2 me that id gone so far dwn that i jst needed hlp 2 get me on that 1st step so i can fight my way bck 2 recovery. kindest regards leeanne:-)


I really appreciate your take on this and thanks for sharing your experiences with me and everybody else.

It is true that there are different levels and medication might be needed. Every case is a case. :)


Yeah thanks 4 ur reply. its like i tried the natural way the herbal way but it wasnt hlping me, things were jst gettin worse, herbal remedys hav very small calmin properties so r not goin 2 hlp people like myslf who've had a brkdwn, it wld b like puttin a plaster on a broken leg. so im not a fan of herbal remedys myslf but its horses 4 courses, wot works 4 1 doesnt work 4 another but somtimes i do think that herbal remedys work like a placebo wiv som people. i do still agree wiv u that if u r at a stage were u can fight it wiv inner strength + 2 do it naturaly is the bst but i think its hard wen ur also sufferin wiv depression as this takes away ur ability 2 fight. wen im havin good days + not 2 depressed i can feel more stonger + want 2 fight my way out but wen the depression kicks in bad it all jst goes out the window, this is why im hoping that once my antidepressants r built up 2 the right dose i will b in a better frame of mind 2 fight this. hav had a lot of trouble bein intolerant 2 meds, i feel like im dammed if i do + dammed if i dnt. ive tried almost everyrhing 4 anxiety including meds, herbal e.c.t. but i read that the only true way 2 beat anxiety + get rid of the adrenalin is 2 do cardiar vascular exercise, this is wot im goin 2 do wen im well enough as im bed ridden at the mo, jst catchin everythin possible.:-)


Hiya Reggie

So glad you have mastered anxiety. It is good you have found a way out.

Personally; I would not hesitate to use medication. Acute anxiety is so overwhelming. My experience of enduring it has told me a strong sedative can work wonders.

I am not taking any medication these days. And I am so grateful for people like you who share their personal stories. But I remember the depression and remember no matter what I did ...exercise, reading, socialising, ... I just slipped deeper and deeper into it, the more I consciously tried to fight.

Some of the medication people get from the doctors' is useless. In fact some medication caused horrible side effects.

But the last time I did have an attack of acute anxiety I did find a lot of releif in certain medication , short-term.

I know some doctors say certain medication takes 2 weeks to work properly ...but the moment I had hadthe medication prescribed I did feel the depression lift.

In fact, letting time pass is much easier with, say, a sedative that agrees with you. It is when we are taking medication that plays havoc with our nerves that is soul-destroying.

So grateful to everyone here who makes this site so helpful.

Good luck Reggie , glad you are overcoming the anxiety.

Vince : )


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