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Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone here had a emotional support animal for their anxiety. I've been dealing with anxiety for almost a year now and sometimes if not all the time it's horrible. Sometimes for no reason. Which leads to me panicking. :/ I've never had anxiety before and used to think it couldn't be as bad as people say. Man was I wrong :/ I've had bad reactions to meds before where they have left me either extremely depressed to I didn't know who I was. Ever since then just thinking about it makes me anxious. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment and was wondering how I go about asking my doctor if I am able to get a esa. As of right now when I have my attacks. My 3 year old is able to take my mind off it. We play as if I wasn't having an attack and even though he has no idea what I'm feeling because I act normal as possible he helps me just by distracting me. Unfortunately he starts school and that gives me more anxiety because it's separate anxiety because he's going to be away from me for the first time which makes me also sad :/ which I heard is a lot for moms. With him at school and me home by myself I feel as if a esa would fit me perfectly because the dog would be able to distract me from my attacks like my son does. How do I go about asking? This is making me nervous just thinking about asking. If you have a esa, how does it help your anxiety?

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  • Hi Hope529, I do not have an ESA but have been looking into it for my daughter who is anorexic. I've read that the benefits are great in extending comfort to anxiety, ED, depression etc. Do you have to go through your doctor? I'd be interested in knowing more about it. I'll be watching your posts and the replies. Good Luck x

  • I will keep you posted, I head to the doctor today. Will let you know what she says!

  • Hi

    I got a dog last year not as a support dog but got to say he has helped me a lot! It is stressful sometimes especially when he was a puppy but even with anxiety I forced myself to go to puppy classes, walk him 3 times a day and it forced me to interact with people all the time. I have a cockapoo they are lovely affectionate dogs. It is a big responsibility and they need attention but I wouldn't look back.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Totally agree they help so much Cockerpoo would be my choice of dog When we have our sons dog to stay it makes a huge difference to my anxiety

  • The responsibility doesn't give me anxiety, I've had a dog before so I know how a puppy can be hard. But I feel like having to train and walk and take care of one would distract my anxiety (:

  • Hello Hope 529 Sorry really don't know about an ESA but we look after our sons dog often and have to say it's a fantastic distraction for my anxiety The walks are brilliant to help me relax I know I have to go for walks no excuses So if you are able to get a dog of your own I'd say go for it as they really are a fantastic loving distraction With your son at school it can be all too easy to isolate yourself because of anxiety I speak from experience so to know you have a dog to walk would be great People chat too its a different world Also with your son going to school please think about helping out there if you feel you are able to I was terrified of my son starting school and being alone with my thoughts and anxiety but I volunteered only doing as much as I felt comfortable with and it changed my life Good luck try for an ESA sorry I don't know about them but if not and you are able go get a lovely four legged friend Wishing you all the very best

  • As a stay at home mom who works from home, him and I are extremely close. So him started school being away from me gives me major anxiety because he's my world. It's scary to send your child to school these days because you don't know if something will happen. It's not something I can put off or not make him do. He needs education, social experience etc so every time I think about it I just tell myself it will be okay. Thankfully his school is right across the street from our home so he wouldn't be terribly far away. Just the seperation anxiety is what is scaring me the most. Hopefully I get some news told because I see my doctor. I'll keep you post! (:

  • I do understand but once you take that step it will be fine I promise He's still your world think how you will look forward to seeing him at home time His school is near I work in a school and its a happy safe environment Horrible things can happen anywhere and its so rare Stay strong you will get there xx

  • I have 3 shitz shu's and they can make my anxiety worse. Sometimes they go to the bathroom in the house and asking to go out at all hours...drives me crazy

  • Hello Hope, would you be able to manage some times to actually be a dog walker? Many people, like me, are always looking for people who can come for and hour or two to take the dog out or even to care for our cats who are indoor animals. I know it might not be a regular things but you will be surprised, just in your neighborhood, to find that people would be so happy to connect with a trustworthy person to take their dog out on a regular basis. Check with a local Vetenerian to see if you can put a sign up. I personally would not just take a phone number from a street post but would from a Vetenerian office.

    I have been blessed with wonderful pets and each day my dog takes me out, I thank him for being here t help me go through my struggle with anxiety.

    Take care

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