OK so just a few Minutes ago I had a really bad Episode of panic that I fell to my Knees against my Husbands arms. It was sad to see that panic attacks are coming back sometimes I feel like I'm lost in my own mind. When I have a panic attack I start to think about all the possibilities that can happen to me such as heart attack or stroke or just fall flat dead. When I start to think those things I feel like I'm trapped in my mind and I can't get out no matter how hard I try and it's very scary I start to try to think about beautiful landscapes and sceneries but nothing can take me out of that moment when I'm trapped in my own mind full of negative thoughts and thinking I'm going to die. Does anybody else feel that way when they have panic attacks?? I hope I'm not alone on this and I hope I don't sound ridiculous. But I'm finally better now thanks to the medication that I was able to grab as soon as possible. I'm currently taking Xanax 1mg and I'm taking Lexapro 20 mg. I don't really abuse the Xanax I take them as needed like today and thank God that I kicked in and I'm feeling much mellow and more calm. But at the end of the day it doesn't take away the panic attacks that live inside me. I know sounds deep but everyone who has this mental disease should understand where I'm coming from. I love this website because it helps me be able to relate to others who suffer with the same illness. I'm glad I was able to open up and can't wait to get your opinions please be Kind I love to read everyone's thoughts on this. Take care And Have a Goodnight everyone. #OneDayWeWillOvercome!


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14 Replies

  • Yes its exactly what i get same feelings. And they show up suddenly even when i am totally relaxed. I feel ya.

  • Yupp its like we can't even relax without getting a bad one.. 😞

  • You know whatvi don' t understand is i started with this on january 19 2015. And noticed on some posts that many got this on the same month. Can it be do to the season?( Right after christmas) i' just wonder although it just keeps happening to me no matter what timecof the year after that first episode.

  • Idk what it is.. Ive noticed that every year around this time of year i get bad Episodes. Feel like im dying. Its horrible

  • i feel the same. panic attack is very scary, you just need to try your best to calm yourself, have a deep breath, distract yourself- try to listen to your favorite music, try guided imaginary- visualize something relaxing or do something- go for a walk. tell yourself "its just adrenaline rush and its not dangerous it is just uncomfortable this feeling will not last."

  • I know. Ive dealt with this for 9 years!!! Its crazy how everytime i get a bad panic attack i feel like its the end. Even though ive felt that way before it just never gets better. its so hard iam Glad i made it through the Night. Thank you for the Great advice. Next time i will try to listen to Relaxing Music to Get me out that zone.

  • WhereisFreedom, I know that panic attacks make you feel awful but it is your constant fear of the panic attacks and anticipating them that enables them to continue. They feed on fear and you are providing them with the very thing that fuels their continuation.

    Uncomfortable though they are you will begin to recover when you frame your mind to Accept the attacks and all the bad feelings with the minimumof fear possible. You are not going to have a stroke, heart attack or die, there is absolutely no reason to believe that, it's your fearful mind that puts those ideas into you head. Anxiety does not have the power to make you die and never will.

    So accept the bad feelings and keep busy and let every muscle in your body go limp and relax when they come and they will surely pass.

  • Yesss your absolutely Right! I couldnt agree more! Now that i think about it i do always feel fear. It can never be a normal relacing day for me without always feeling scared of "When's the next attack coming" its awful to live this way.

  • When you truly accept the bad feelings and thereby begin your recovery IT DOESN'T matter when the next attacks is coming because you will accept it. Indeed, having an attack gives you the chance to practice Acceptance which will eventually allow your nervous system to desensitise and bring about your recovery. I recommend you read "Self help with your nerves" by Claire Weekes, it has helped untold thousands recover from anxiety disorder through the acceptance method. It's available from Amazon and it's life changing.

  • I will definitely look for the book! Thank you so much

  • One question I have is why aren't you on a maintenance dose of .5 Xanax through out the day if the 1mg seemed to pull you out of the anxiety attack so well. Have you spoken o your doctor about this? Might be helpful. :)

  • I use to be on .5 but then it wasnt doing the trick i kept having to take 2 or 3 a day just to feel Happy and For ONCE "normal". So she put me on 1mg twice a day. But i see her Monday so i will mention this to her.....see what happens

  • Trust me you don't sound ridiculous. When I explain my symptoms to people they look at me like I'm insane. Someone actually told me " have you thought about admitting yourself to a mental hospital?" I'm like ahhhhhh I'm not insane!!!! Anyways, I'm glad you were able get fast relief. And you're not alone. I feel like I'm trapped inside my head for 4 months now. It's horrific

  • Im so sorry to hear that. Ive been told the same 😩 but i still Live for my kids. Idc what anyone says because they dont know how we feel or get when an attack occurs. But im glad we are all here for each other

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