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Elevated heart rate and anxiety and how long can it last?


Had panic attacks today and it made me think of a topic to help out others as well as my self. I know I come off as the fighter of anxiety but there are aspects of anxiety that I don't even understand and the biggest one being tacardyia and anxiety.

We all know that adrenaline releases in to the body during our attacks and that raises our pulse and blood pressure, But how long does this elevation of heart rate last?

Tonight clocked from 4:30 until 10 a heart rate at rest constantly over 100 beats, it wasnt until I did my relaxation technique that it came down to 85 beats a min and still dropping. I know for this reason that my hearts ok only because if it was a real heart issue, it wouldn't have given two shits about my relaxation and would have kept speeding.

Now here is the odd part, i had a panic at 430 this afternoon, I have felt pretty ok since then but my heart kept racing and that's what strikes me odd. Has anyone else noticed a situation like this? Just curious plus it may help others of their fears of elevated pulse.

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This happens to me all the time. I find my heart racing "issues" to be worse when I am even slightly dehydrated. Sometimes it helps me to drink s large glass of ice water. It's miserable- I feel your pain/frustration/anxiety. I had a bad panic attack tonight with my heart racing. So scary when it happens.

Hi armyguy,

I sympathise. My first ever panic attack ended up in hospital for an overnight stay where my heart rate was monitored all night . I was at work, no unusual cicunstances. it was after lunch when I became aware of my pulse rate increasing . Went outside took deep breaths , told myself not be stupid but I couldn't Control my rising panic so was carted off to hospital by ambulance. The diagnosis that was given to me by the cardiologist was.. Not life threatening .. Went to my dr who said despite that diagnosis we need to treat your anxiety and put me in a propanolol a beta blocker . Been on it ever since and never had a repeat of that frightening experience but there remains a fear in me that it might. Consequently I never go anywhere without it.. Just in case.

Try a beta blocker and stop taking your pulse rate. It feeds the fear and panic sets in which as you know results in more adrenaline. Stop trying to rationalise it... You won't x

Maitelady in reply to Sadiedog12

What types of beta blockers are used for anxiety??? My chest pains ruin my day when I get an attack.

Hi Armyguy, and all others with irregular heart rate, please google the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. I have started taking magnesium regularly. I used to take it occasionally, without much success, but now I take it every day without fail. It has helped to settle my heart rate, arrhythmia, tachycardia etc. if you decide to take it, buy a good type and give it a couple of weeks to kick in. It also helps settle the racing mind. I am using the breathing and relaxing technique as well as the Mg and having some great results in just a few days.

Hope this helps someone.

Neesie_227 in reply to Lbk64

Hi Lbk64 . What type of magnesium do you take? I have researched, and there are so many different types. I do not want to take one that will cause an increase in bowel movements. I have tried Epson salt baths, but that doesn't seem to help for an extended period.

Lbk64 in reply to Neesie_227

Hi Neesie, I take nano (ionic) magnesium and a tablet form of magnesium amino acid chelate. It doesn't seem to cause any gut issues with me and I have a sensitive stomach. There is also one called mg bright which is supposed to be good as well.

Hope this helps.

My Resting HR has been a 100 for weeks I'm always tired . Waiting to see a cardiologist idk if it's anxiety but it's sucks

Armyguy in reply to Tay171

Mine since the massive panic this morning has been in the 60s and 70 today. Felt like shit during the attack but feel better after the attack.

Hi Armyguy,

I was wondering what your thoughts are on ptsd caused by prolonged exposure to verbal /emotional abuse? Is it possible?


Armyguy in reply to MsKoru

Ptsd is possible by mental abuse. Just as the eyes see traumatic events, the ears can hear abuse and then it goes into an entire new list of problems.

MsKoru in reply to Armyguy

Thanks for your reply :)

Please share your relaxation technique! My poor body goes through hell with each panic attack - racing heart, chest pains, weak, shaky hands and feet.

Sadiedog12 in reply to Maitelady

Hello Maitelady,

I take propranolol and have been since my frightening experience. I won't repeat myself as I'm presuming you have read a post of mine. The racing heart is what scares me most and after I was discharged from my overnight stay in hospital ( With no medication) I went to my GP to see what he thought. He said although my symptoms were not life threatening my anxiety needed addressing. So he prescribed propranolol a betablocker (slows down the heart rate) . I have been good ever since. I was prescribed 40 mg x 3 daily but I found that dose made me too lethargic. I am currently on 20 mg x 3 daily. I don't always take that dose though it depends how I feel. You can take it as you need to. Hope this helps!

Maitelady in reply to Sadiedog12

I will ask my doctor about that medication. I take Xanax when my anxiety chest pains are unbearable - but it doesn't stop the racing heart or the chest pains - all it does is slice a thin top layer off my episode symptoms.

Armyguy in reply to Maitelady

I shared it in another post I had. You can view it thru my profile.

Hello! I'm 21 years old and I'm very anxious.

I had always been an athlete until my 18 years, when after a run i felt heart palpitations. Then I stoped.

I used to be very scary when i had an extrasystole but with time i learned how to control myself beacause i had once in a while.

But now my problem is different. I'm feeling a lot of extrasystoles followed.

I feel the hart beat inside, he's slow and he's uncontrolled. I feel everything! One heart beat, a pause of 3 seconds, another heart beat, and always like this. The heart beats are strong, it's like a trembling muscle but on inside and this muscle is my heart!

When I go to the hospital my heart is already calm and the doctors never see anything...

Does anyone else feels the same?

Vanessa, from Portugal.

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