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what help does people receive?

hi like most on here i suffer from anxiety and depression , not as bad depression as i was but, basically housebound nowadays , thought of going out scares me rigid yet cant wait to out , so i was just wondering what help people have had ? both financial and healthwise (therapy or drugs) ... i had a course of cbt which was interesting and helped me realise i wasnt the only one with the thoughts i had ( not wanting to live , but not wanting to die either) and such , as for anything else it didnt work for me and as i had my 20 sessions that ended with not much improvement . that was about 18 months ago since then i still seem stuck in limbo, as for financial help i had to quit work in the end due to anxiety so now i receive benefits £ 54 a week i think it is not sure wife sorts out all the monies lol

sorry it so long winded very easy to waffle on a computer , (much harder in person as you all know lol )

ok thanks anyone for answers

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Hi. This is what has worked for me: No alcohol. Taking Sertraline as prescribed even though the first month or so was a bit rocky with side-effects, but I'm glad I persisted as I feel much better. Reading and doing exercises on negative thinking patterns from Veronica Walshes CBT Blog web-site. Reading and doing exercises in self-enquiry from The Work of Byron Katie web-site. Get plenty of rest,sleep, eat healthy, exercise. I walk for at least an hour at dusk and dawn.(nobody around)

I engage with an organisation called MIND(Sandwellmind where I am) They provide drop-ins, relaxation, therapeutic groups, allotments, walks ,day-trips etc. where you can meet some very nice people with similar issues.

I would also see someone possibly from CAB to make sure you are getting your full benefits entitlement. you may be able to ease some financial pressure too.

All of the above costs nothing(except the odd day-trip.)

Wishing you all the best.



yes on sertraline myself not 100% confident with it tho but who knows tried a few techniques that you do . just so hard to find motivation to keep it up, dont do people really ,sleep is good i agree but so hard to get a sleeping pattern , spend hours trying to get off sometimes i manage it about 5 in the morning lol, have tried a lot of negative thought excercises none really worked for me, ( another fault of mine lol )

thanks for response tho and glad you seem to be on the up


Try addressing negative thinking patterns on "people" and "I don't have motivation",with The Work.(the four questions and turnaround.) Worth a try. The work has had a big impact with "me".

For sleep I tried Zopiclone. Took a few nights to kick in, but did the trick in the end.

Be kind to yourself.



You should ask for a visit from benefit people they can advise you on all entitlements.......If you suffer from agraphobia they will probably consider Disability Living Allowance........worth a try to make life more regards..stde


yes thank you in the process of applying just waiting for response all takes time lol

just wondered what if any help or benefits where out there that people get doesnt seem to be a fixed criteria of what you need to be to deserve benefits did get a lovely woman round from benefits once my ssp ran out , she was lovely and told me to apply for blue badge . didnt get it tho lol, all seems a bit contadictory but im just biased lol

thanks for response


I would enquire about ESA (support group) and DLA. Nothing ventured......


Another tip (that i did not follow) do not fill in the forms yourself, get help from money matters/citizen advice or even benefit office......they know what is req,d and I was told you fill it in according to your worst days..........

This is not devious as I had cancer was getting chemo, had to cease work ,was knackered and DLA said i was entitled to nowt because I could walk 500mtrs and cook a do it right..........all the best...stde


makes you think how it all seems very hard for eligible people to get money/ help yet nearly every week there is someone who been to court because they had received 38k in benefits too much or something.....

i think i should volunteer to have one of those tags criminals get so they can see if i go out lol be much easier


If you have any support workers, get them to write supporting letters. I was turned down by ATOS. I appealed with support and had the decision overturned without having to go to a tribunal. I'm now actually better off than I was before the whole saga.


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