Lets see what today brings

Morning all well start of another day ,back to work after the bank holiday and my anxiety is high.Have taken a diazapam to keep be calm.Had very little sleep last night so that does not help also received some bad news that my Uncle had died.As a suffer from Health anxiety you can imagine that news alone has set me off with the vicious circle of worrying.Praying I will get through today with out freaking out just going to keep busy and breath breath breath .Hope everyone is fine and I hope you all have an anxiety free day


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  • Hi. That's horrible news and I hope it doesn't effect your day too much. Not a nice way to start work after a break.

    After 3 anxiety free days I find myself back at work with a tight chest (although work is the cause of my anxiety so I can't really escape that I suppose) but as you stated, it's all about 'breathe breathe breathe'. Getting out and not caving in to the pressure helps I think.

    Hope your day goes OK.

  • please dont do tablets, try camoline tea, you dont have to have a full cup,according to chinese friends,just a little of hot water,and then drink,if we had a broken bone everyone would understand ay! lhope youre ok x

  • Hi Horses if I could do without the tablets I would believe me.How do you cope if you dont mnd me asking ??

  • I know exactly what you are feeling right now.Try breathing exercises i find they do help.hope you start to feel better soon x

  • Thank you will try x

  • hi mrs, its hard sometimes,we all know that, but the anxiety peaks and passes, its awfull while it is there, but camomile tea helps, and like my grandad said,age is only numbers, and the only thing that kills you, is lack of breath!!!, humour, thats the best healer!! xxxx

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