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spaced out, lightheaded all the time. plz help

i have some strange feelings. symptoms. Identical. I'm spaced out all the time. Really bad head pressure and dizziness which causes me anxiety and sometimes blows into panic. i feel like i have no balance at all times, so i tense my muscles therefore i am always tense. i really need help.

im spacy when i go out, when i walk in shopping centers or it could actually be anywhere. it feels like im tilting to one side. does anyone have these feelings and have figured out what it is?


I have done all blood work, mri of neck and brain. thyroid ultrasound etc..... everything has come back normal so far. Doctors are forcing anxiety disorder on me now, but i feel that the anxiety is secondary to all of this. and its feeling this awful that is causing the anxiety..

i also have really tight neck muscles or pain so i try to get massage as much as possible ?

I have to figure out what is wrong and what is causing this because it's ruining my life. I will keep u posted of everything and you do the same please.

I hate this feeling so much that it's causing depression. It's definitely very scary. Please if anyone can help in anyway or had similar problem and knows what it could be, please send me an email.


Any help and advice you may have will much be appreciated.

Thank you

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Hello Fifinaz

I'm so sorry you are going through this. It truly is the most evil thing in this world but I can totally relate to what your feeling and all your symptoms as I suffer the same symptoms as you and I honestly don't know how I deal with it some days. It has been rough so rough and it's making me depressed.

I actually don't spend much time inside my house as my anxiety is worse when I do so I'm outdoors all the time. That's fine for now not sure what I'm going to do once the cold weather comes will have to find a new strategy.

I try to stay busy and get up n start moving when my anxiety starts.

Deep breathing works too or I call a friend.

Hope your feeling better soon :)


Hi farah , hi Iv had this feeling I started out with dizzy spells a month or so ago to a point a was dizzy when I laid down, awful. However I was in thyroid medication so I didn't know if it was that has sude effects were dizziness . Headaches, I had 2 good full weeks no pain no woozy feeling I was on iron tablets too , but I got the worst constipation so I stopped them, since I woke with a headache awful once , since then 2 weeks Iv had mild weird fuzzy head feeling in neck too, didnt know if was. Due to period , anyway at the mo I'm laid on bed feeling slightly woozy not sure how to describe it , really wonder if I'm lacking some vital vitamin , it's strange x really want to sleep , don't wanna rely on taking sleep aid everynight , want my body to feel rekaxed enough to sleep properley lo would say 2 years ago !!! Last time has that lovely natural sleep, Iv got docs Monday so hope figure out maybe lack of iron again or sinus infection causing all this weird feeling in head xxxbig hugs hope we all sleep well tonight guys xxx

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thanks guys.... i do really think it might have something to do with the sever and neck tension. sometimes i feel when i stretch my neck the feeling slightly decreases. All the doctors are trying to do is have me on ssri and antianxiety meds. I really think there is a hidden physical problem here.... maybe seeing a functional medicine doctor would get some answers. i really dont know, cause i have spent so much money on this problem that i have gone broke. wishing everyone a great health! please lets keep in touch and hopefully one of us will come up with a solution......


Hi Farah, hope your having a better day. I too have a very similar story. I had severe head pressure, dizziness, spaced out too. My chest would pound too. I ended up having a 7 hr nosebleed and after it had stopped I noticed my head pressure lessened substantially. I have had blood work, cat scan, gone to ENT and my Endocrinologist ( I have Hypothyroidism) and been told everything is normal. I found this forum and Anxiety was mentioned quite a bit. The more I thought about it, it does run in my family. Then after talking with my siblings I found out they not only suffer panic attacks but have the dizziness and head issues as well. I will see a neurologist in the future but I am guessing he will tell me what all of you have already. I am coping much better due to all of you and I truly appreciate it. It is soothing to know I am not alone. Hang in there. Take one day at a time.


Did you ever figure out what you had?


Try looking up depersonalization/ derealization. If you have had everything checked out and they haven't found anything out, then it is possibly your anxiety and stress messing with you. I can tell that you are in constant worry and stress which causes anxiety and anxiety can cause physical symptoms, lots of physical symptoms. I know this all too well trust me. Try finding a way to calm yourself down, talk to someone that understands what you are going through, someone that can help you out of it. Keep your mind occupied. Do something that makes you feel a live. Stay away from drugs and alcohol it only makes your anxiety worse.


Omg, I just realized this was 2 years ago. My bad. :/


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