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Hi Everyone,

I've just had a friend from work speak to me about Agoraphobia, after years of suffering with anxiety she thinks she may have pin pointed the exact problem at last. She doenst know too much about what im going through but im sending her some things ive found that have helped me so far, even though were suffering with different things. If anyone out there has any information on agoraphobia that you think would be useful please post it here, id be most greateful. I see there is no agoraphobia community on here so i hope some of you can help. Thanks so much xx


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  • hello, i am agoraphobic amoung other anxietites.........what is it you would like to know?

  • Just links to anything you think she'd find useful really, ive sent her some ive found but my experience is in general anxiety and depression i was wondering if anyone had any helpful links to info, websites, self help, or forums etc for agoraphobia specifically. Thanks!

  • not really, i know theres items in the anxiety uk shop under agoraphobia. you tube is a good place for hypnotherapy sessions for all different anxitey. sorry dont know what else to suggest. x

  • Agoraphobia is best treated by a qualified therapist who can support,and encourage the sufferer to go outside and face her fears.. It is specialised work and can be very effective...the GP should be able to advise and refer her on to the right person.

    Wish her good luck....this debilitating condition can be reversed, please assure her of that. Babushka

  • I found this day, I bought the book, its all about how a man overcome anxiety through play (having fun) and changing his lifestyle, see this link for details:

  • This article is related to my response that posted above, its so inspirational and useful, a true overcoming anxiety story :-)

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