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Time off with anxiety, what to do!

I recently quit my job as I felt my boss wasn't acting as she should have been with me anxiety and depression (was told by her to stop worrying or she won't stand for it for much longer) I've had a bit of time off and felt like I was getting back to 'normal' which was amazing. Then I got a job which was even better and I felt ready! Then today when it came to going to the job I felt alright until I got there and I couldn't find anywhere to park and then of course in comes the anxiety so I left quickly and drove home. I feel like I'll never be ready to work again and things won't get better. How long has anyone had time off work due to anxiety? It's made me feel pathetic and stupid. Will time make anything better?!

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hello 2sara

I have been out of work for two years due to my anxiety and depression.

I am trying hard now to get a park time job too get me back to work.

Don't feel stupid about coming home, it's just some thing you needed to do at the time.

Are you getting any help and support with your anxiety?

Thinking of you gardener x


Funny enough I had my first therapy session today which I had to cancel because of the new job! I take medication too but that doesn't seen to be helping greatly. Thanks for replying! Xx


Hi Sara :-) oh I find going to my job helps, takes my mind off axiety and stress although it's a stressful job at times. I've not had much time off over the years as work just builds up and will still be there when I go back. I'm sure you will be able to get back to work again soon :-) an understanding boss will make all the difference I think.


I just left my job too because my manager told me I was letting team down and we all have issues and dont bring them to work. My panic attacks were caused by traumatic event and stress and not sleeping ptsd. I loved my job, yes it was stressful but good. Dont know why I did not stand up to her and stay, just was nor thinking straight. Going for job interview now and dont want it so scared. Just want my old job and comfort zone back.


That sounds really similar to the position I'm in now. When really the manager should be supportive they're just not. I loved my job too but sometimes you've gotta do what make you feel better in the long run. Did she know about your panic attacks? My anxiety/panic attacks etc were all from a traumatic event too. Xx


Yes. She knew about panic and she even knew reason trauma etc. She did not understand or care. Even the people I work with didn't understand, one girl said I brought it on myself with mood and that I should not have told manager I was struggling. Even the doctor i worked for although nice to me did not fight to keep me there. He said he would have me back but whether he meant it I don't know. Everyone looks after themselves now. I worked for NHS so you would think they would understand panic, depression etc as being illnesses but they don't want to. Its all about money now not care.


I'm having my first time off work for anxiety which ironically makes it worse cause I feel guilty and like a baby.


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