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What do people think?? I can't cope

Hi all, i woke up today feeling positive, walked to work - which terrifies me as i worry about my heart and it being over worked. It's a 3 mile walk and i made it here alive. But as soon as i sat down at work i start getting sharp stabbing pains in the centre of chest (which i think/hope/pray is my chest bone) and then also under my left arm i have like a squeezing throbbing annoying feeling which i just always assume is my heart crying out for some attention. 2 months ago i got the al clear on heart but i cant help but think these results are now null and void - someone please give me some reassurance and say its my anxiety fooling me I'm trying all i can to beat this. Hope everyone is having a good monday.

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Take a deep breath's gonna be got this 😊


How old are you? If you got the OK 2 months ago more than likely everything is completely fine with you. Also how are you feeling now? If you're feeling better now then obviously it is nothing too serious. Anxiety has 100's of symptoms that mimic ALOT of physical ailments, that is what scares us so much. But most of the people here have been dealing with anxiety for years, and yes when we feel these symptoms we get terrified. However we are still all alive and probably relatively healthy!

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I'm 25yo male. It sort of comes and goes! I know it's probably anxiety but you still question whether or not you should ignore it this time...


Ok I'm 27 so more than likely you're fine! Most young people do not have heart problems, of course it's possible but not usually likely. Mine would come and go as well, I could be working (which is physical at times) or I could be laying down watching TV. I understand 100% about whether to ignore it or not this time. But we have to trust in the doctors, I've always heard if you're having a heart attack you will KNOW it. I do not know how true that is, but trusting in the doctors is the first step. If you still feel like something is off, you can always go back to the doctors and express your concerns. That is what I did and that is when I had a stress echo test, and a 48 hour holter monitor. Reassurance is very powerful for people like us that experience anxiety.


I've had all that and also exercise test and they said i have no worries I have less chance of arrhythmia than the normal person. Not sure how that works. And my heart is good for another 60 years. Why can't I believe that. I worry that my poor diet and drinking since then has damaged it. I've probably drunk 5 times since the good news.


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