Does anyone have experiences good or bad in dealing with occupational health?

I have been off work since October due to anxiety/depression. My manager has referred me to the occupational health dept at work for them to look at how/when I return. My doctors note runs out next week. I am aiming to go back but just wondered what questions they ask and how much they need to know etc. any help would be appreciated love eve x


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  • I have had only good experiences with Occ. health on many occasions. They did want to know everything about me but were entirely sympathetic from a medical viewpoint. They then wrote reports to my manager, again supportive and fair. Hopefully yours will be the same, I'm sure they will



  • Thank you so much

    I have read that they are supposed to be on your side but wanted reassurance that this happened in reality. I'm apprehensive but looking forward to a planned phased return and I need some stress removed in the short term so hopefully we can work something out. thanks again x

  • Good luck go with your needs and out come, be flexible but remeber you ar in control.

  • I have found employee health care very supportive and useful, be honest and know what you want as am out come , good luck

  • Thank you for replying

    I'm feeling much better about the meeting now

    Love eve x

  • Hi Eve. I have been in the same place as you are now. I agree with whats been said - be totally honest with OH and tell them everything which is wrong with you. I was once criticised for leaving out my asthma when dealing with OH. So everything!

    Are you in a union? If so you can seek their help. Your employer has a legal duty under Health and Safety to make 'reasonable' adjustments to help you stay at work. Some of these could include: a phased return, change of duties, extra days sick leave and/or extra breaks to help you cope. OH can recommend these as well but remember they are always subject to business needs.

    There is a lot more I could tell you but not in the open forum. If you want to you can pm me and I will go into more detail.

    Don't worry too much about it though. I have always found OH (ATOS?) helpful and understanding.

    Keep in touch and let us know what happens Eve. Good luck.

    Bev xx

  • Thank you so much for all of this

    I have pm you. Hope today is good for you

    Love eve x

  • Occupational health are there to support you and to offer advice to your manager on steps to support your phased return . Ask them questions on what they think is reasonable , but be totally honest they are there to ensure your are working with the professionals too . Take your time and don't rush it I know from experience if you rush to quickly it sets you back

  • Hi cloudy

    Thanks for this

    Let me know how you are when you get a minute

    Love eve x

  • I visited occupationally health last Tuesday with my union rep and found it a postive experience. I would suggest be honest and tell everything including aspects of your personal life that you feel are relevant. My understanding is that a report is written and that you are given a copy. They asked me what the issues were and what management could do to make a return to work manageable. This may include phased return, less hours, appropriate, regualarsupervision that is positive in nature, shadowing, peer mentoring. What if anything do you want to be different when you return to work that will enable you to suceed? They will comment on whether they feel you are well enough to return.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you

    This gives me lots to think about and is really helpful

    I hope your return goes well too

    Love eve

  • Dear Eve,

    I'm sure your experience with occ health will be positive and I think that throughout the return to work process one tries to remain positive and think of what you get out of work. I'm not sure when I will go back if at all because I have always been positive about life until I started this job. So I think the important question is what do you want to get from work and how can management help you to achieve this? Obviously this varies from person to person.

    Mystery reader

  • I had dealings with OH and found them to be very helpful and very supportive, especially when dealing with my manager. What you tell them is confidential & what they say goes, as far as work is concerned. They compiled a report on me which i got a copy of and then 6 weeks later did a phone consultation. I was worried about having my pay docked through a phased return to work but they reassured me that as i'd not had any long time off that shouldn't happen (& it didn't). Good luck with them. x

  • Thank you

    The positive responses are so reassuring. I do feel much calmer now

    Thanks again xx

  • Hi Eve, I have recently returned to work after 12 weeks sick, my OH was really helpful and could see how poorly I was, although I did see her when I was first off sick. She arranged an appointment with a Gastro consultant which helped put my mind at ease that I only have IBS.

    Only go back when you feel ready and discuss with them a phased return, your OH will arrange that with your manager.

    Hope all goes well for you, let us know how you get on x

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