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Please help guys! Advice needed badly! Anxiety

Hey guys! I've been suffering with anxiety, depression and so much more for the last 6 months as my dad passed away and I can't seem to shake out of this zone. I'm nervous, worried, heart is pounding all the time especially when laying down can't even sleep, palpitations, numbness and so on. I need help, advice to get back to being me! I'm taking cognitive behaviour therapy but not much difference! Please help guys! God bless.

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Losing a parent is very difficult no matter what age we are at. Maybe the realization that nothing is forever plays into it. When my mother passed away 5 years ago, I

realized that being the oldest sibling, I was in line next. I have had a difficult time dealing with the thoughts of dying to the point of becoming agoraphobic. It's only

within the past year that I have tried little by little in getting out and interacting with others. It's a process we all have to go through. Hang on to the memories and become the part of your father that you admired. You are going through a healing process right now but it will get better. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is good but it is

not a magic remedy. It takes time and work. The physical symptoms of anxiety are all coming to the surface right now. They will subside eventually. Joining a support group such as this will help in not feeling so alone. I wish you well. Take care my friend.


Hi yes the cbt takes a while to work I had similar therapy for eighteen months but it did really help. And after a big loss it will obviously be v hard. Good luck and it sounds like you are doing the right things to help yourself.


Time will heal. Sorry about your dad, my mom passed five years ago. Hugs to you. Did you have the anxiety and panic attacks before he passed. I'm still learning mysel, the deeper breathing helps, And trying too talk yourself through. Try not to obsess over the symptom. Say to yourself, inv felt this before, I'm ok, try to keep busy . Distract mind on something else when getting these feelings. I had to go on a med, I wasn't able to get through on my own. Good luck to you, take care and be well.


God bless and thanks for the support. Just came from cbt session, feeling a bit nervous today as I've had a negative week. Will I ever get better, will I ever succeed in what I need to do, this is how I feel every day! I feel useless and pathetic! I google meds but try so hard to beat this without! I need hope.


I feel the same sometimes it's every day stopping me from being me. It will get better, Good luck again.


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