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Shittier than shit day

Hi friends, just had to come on and say wot an idiot I am, I today admitted I had a gambling addiction which is online bingo, I don't go over the door and find bingo a bit if a release but my partner has left me today because I played 30 pound if his money in online bingo. This happening today has made me think how fuked up my life is and my life is just an existence, I feel so bad and alone and the thoughts of I wld be better of not here r growing stronger by the minute. Anxiety, agraphobia, depression and a gambling habit, nice person I am eh!

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Hey jadababe21 my name is trip nice to meet you.

First of all lets get the feeling of better off not being here talked about, I like you have had a lot go in in a very short space of time, and it is the normal thing to feel so low. you only get one chance at life everything else you can try again.

this for me has been a life saver and i mean that.

Ok the Gambling habit i can also relate to years ago i would spend all my wages on fruit machines.

This is how i stooped, i am not trying to sound smart here but bear with me, be it online poker,bingo,or fruit machines they are all made in the same way to make the owner money not you, i understand the thrill of gambling it's the game of risk,but we are in a very smart world now where things are controlled to make us lose, and when we do win it is so we put more money back to lost it.. welcome the snowball effect. have a good read on this site

Ok Anxiety, agoraphobia, depression, i can also relate to all of them as i suffer from them now. you can learn to control them and over time you can beat them. I mean that!

Getting help with the things that are going on is a great way of showing people you want to stop and tack control of you life.

I am sure you are a very nice person,we all are! somethings we just need a hand to hold to help us walk in the dark.

All the best Trip. x


Hey trip, thanx for that, it's amazing how someone's words can change ur train of thought, I'm gonna look up the links u gave me, Ty x


Hay jada, dont be sooo hard on your self, okay so it wast to good what you did with his money but your juggling so many feelings and emotions of course your going to make mistakes. give him his money back and tell him how sorry you are and that it will never happen again and mean it.......... seek help wear its needed and dont be ashamed your only human. best wishs. x


Hello Jada, gambling is an addiction, just like alcoholism, so you're ill and need lots of help, support and compassion to get over this. It's great that you recognize you have a problem; that's already half of the cure. Now you need to get yourself treated. Make sure you're extra nice to yourself. You deserve it :)


Thanku xxxx


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