Afternoon good people :-)

Back from bingo...can't win everytime can I lol so now it's time to blast heart fm and clean my house from top to bottom. At least then I can come back home in the morning and just put dinner on. Chillaxxxxx in the garden.

I hope ur all doing ok today and the people that am not feeling to good...don't forget tomorrow is a new day and u cud be feeling abit better tomorrow :-)xxx

this site is starting to feel like it did before xxx


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  • Hi Donna,

    I'm thinking about doing some housework but can't seem to get past the thinking stage, 2 hrs and counting lol. If you won the lottery, would you get a maid? Xxxx

  • Is it me or when you read this , the replies dont read in the right order

    I am sober & not took any meds today , so getting a bit worried lol


  • Hi donaf

    Great , thats me emptying my on line shop then lol

    As long as you had a good time hun thats the main thing

    Well I am trying to iron , still close here , so have to keep having a break , but I can relate to your thinking about cleaning so you only have the dinner to do & then relax tomorrow , think its a good idea myself

    Yes I think we are slowly finding our way around here & moving a few bits in with us like Cookie lol (joke no laughing faces , i havnt got any )


  • Ladies I'm housework out! Attempted the Everest that is my ironing. Had to watch El mariachi and desporando. Plus 3 beers. Phew! Have a lovely evening all you special people. X ps: Antonio bandares helps with ironing phoorr!

  • What's the female interest in that film? I'm lonely lol xxx

  • Antonio isn't very biker mate lol x

  • Yeah but he wears leather! Lots of lovely Mexican ladies hot and sultry :)

  • Well done , still doing mine , Cookie has held me up a bit lol


    Have a lovely evening to (smiling flipping face if I could do one )


  • No lol I went get a maid I have to do it myself as if anyone does it I feel as if they've missed something lol if I won the lottery I edu have a normal sized house with a big big garden with loads more cats and border collies. Even maybe sum sheep for the dogs xxx

  • same here donaf about when some one else does it sure you dont have OCD as well (shocked face ) lol


  • Well I'd employ you mate, at least it would get done proper. Xxx

  • How many cats have you got, what are their names, tell me everything about them lol as if my lot arnt enough lol.

    All I'd want is a 2 bedroom, massive garden and chickens to lay eggs for my eggy bread craving or French toast if your posh lol xxx

  • I do have ocd whywhy suffered with it for yrs xxx cookster I've have six cats, gizmo, smokey, mitzi, twinkle (I rescued her) and two kitty's called star and jack. A collie cross called Scooby and a full collie called belle. There all my babies xx

  • Right lol , thought I could relate a little to much lol

    O well thats 2 of us then ,mine keeps me a prisoner though with the house work , its all a form of anxiety though


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