Natural remedies as opposed to anxiety medications!!

I'm brand new to this community and my sole purpose for joining is to share something with those looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical anxiety medications. I've had anxiety and depression for most of my life (I'm now 32) and when I felt I could bare it no longer, I began taking Paxil. It helped subdue my symptoms for the 12 years I was taking it, but I recently discovered I'm expecting my first baby. At my doctor's recommendation, and upon my own research I decided to quit taking the medication cold turkey as opposed to weaning off. I've been Paxil free for two weeks now and the withdrawal symptoms, in combination with my raging hormones have made my life utterly miserable. Until today. I went to my local health food store and explained my current state and that I'm in desperate need for a natural anxiety remedy. The staff member recommended "Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles" to alleviate my suffering and bingo! The results were almost instantaneous and I'm already feeling back to the way I felt while on Paxil, except I now know I am safe from any future unbearable withdrawal symptoms, as well as protecting my growing baby from the harmful chemicals in the medication. I HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for a natural alternative to prescription anxiety medications to try any of the "Bach Rescue Remedy" products. *I have no affiliation with this brand, I am just an overly relieved mother-to-be and long time anxiety sufferer who has found a bright light and wanted to share*

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  • Hello and Congratulations on your pregnancy :-)

    There are so many natural remedies out there for anxiety as well as the one you mention

    I am pleased you have found something that works for you

    I have tried it myself and can say it was not the miracle cure you are experiencing for me especially after just one day but we are all different

    I hope it continues to work for you

    Take Care x

  • Thank you Bounce! I truly hope you find something, or a few things that work for you too!

    Warm wishes :)

  • hi i was wondering if anybody knew how to stop derealization and disassociation forms of anxiety. I feel like I am pretty sleep deprived which may be causing it, but I was wondering will this lifeless, and feeling of not existing or anything being real, go away?

  • I wish I did know what to suggest but in my personal experience with those feelings, yes they have gone away. That being said, they have had the tendency to resurface from time to time. Are you currently taking any medication or undergoing counselling?

  • Thank you so much for your response. I am not taking any meds because i want to get through this naturally. but im not sure what to do at this point :( i feel like i cant breathe at times and like i am not even real and that nothing around me is real and that i am dying. do you know of any natural remedies or techniques i can use to get through this?

  • As for the sensation of not being able to breathe, I've found it very helpful to sit up straight, but comfortably and inhale through your nose for a count of 4. Hold it for a count of 7 and then release through your mouth, softly for a count of 8. Repeat anywhere between 5 and 10 times. I also very much recommend trying the product I mentioned in my original post. The brand is "Bach Rescue Remedy" and comes as a lozenge, liquid drops and a spray. They are 100% natural. Although I've only been using the lozenge for 1 day, my feelings of major anxiety and out-of-my-mindness have diminished exponentially. If you have a health food store nearby, I would say definitely go in and ask if they carry these products. If they don't, they will most likely have something very similar. If no health food stores are nearby, you can order online.

    For now, try the breathing technique and know that you're not alone and are very much worth the life you have! 💪😉

  • Thank you so much you are amazing! <3

  • Let me know if any of it helps ✌💚😀

  • Hi, agree about the Bach remedies. I find the night rescue particularly helpfut for sleep, and also take during day if mind "overactive"

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